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April Edition 2022

Editor: Idril EladarReporters this month: Skrug, Anthraxas, Dharzhal T’Ar, Katie Sage

The Yew Pen is produced in Yew and published after the Governors’ Meeting 

Breaking News: King Blackthorn turned into a toad by Phoebe Nox, Fens Witch. It appears Phoebe has become unhappy with what she sees as the King’s inability to rule and keep the Sosaria. She found an ancient recipe that she believed would enable her to make a change to e King Blackthorn’s appearance and show him to be the slacker she believes him to be. The ingredients for this spell were extremely difficult to obtain. One ingredient was a very rare fish called the King Fish. Some believed this fish to be nonexistent, just a fable. To obtain this fish, Phoebe ran a fishing contest, seeking a King Fish as the grand prize. Maia, a legendary fisherwoman from Vesper believed the fish did exist and set out to win the grand prize. After months of trying, Maia caught the illusive kingfish and won the contest. Phoebe used that fish, among other ingredients to create a potion that would enable her to turn King Blackthorn into a toad. At the end of the Governors’ Meeting, during the people’s time to talk, Phoebe approached the King, threw the potion at the King. In a Fiery explosion, King Blackthorn was turned into a toad. He immediately ran out of the chambers, seeking help from his mages. At this point, no one knows the outcome of this astonishing transformation.



Moreno and “The Family” Not much as been heard this month from this criminal element. Rumor has it, he had some type of ceremony, giving some of his most loyal members titles for their criminal work. There have been some sightings of his people in several cities, but city guards are on the watch for them with instructions to arrest on sight.  If, indeed, they titled, it will help identify them as they enter our cities. King Blackthorn is most concerned and has put his best people on the case. Report any sighting to town guard and reach out to Roysia and/or Tanila with any information you have.

Troubles in the Yew Woods continue. Reports of eerie sounding chimes are coming in from Yew, along with reports of missing farmers and crafters. King Blackthorn reported last night at the Governors’ Meeting that he had in his possession the reeds (a flute) of the evil entity known as The Mad Piper. Based on legend, The Mad Piper played his flute, a sorrowful tune, and everyone who heard the flute started to dance and dance and dance never stopping until they died. King Blackthorn suggested that the ritual that took place a while ago in yew was the summoning of this evil entity. It appears the Piper has been playing his flute and destroying wood areas throughout the Yews deep forests.     

Istilekai the Fairy came seeking help. She said her homelands were being destroyed by the Piper and if the King could not help her race would soon be without homes. Radim assembled the citizens of Sosaria and went to aid Istilekai. They saw her homelands in flames, angry trees attacking, dragons and cultists, heard eerie music and saw people dancing with odd looks on their faces. The citizen group managed to slay trees, dragons, and cultists until they came upon the source of the eerie music, The Mad Piper. Radim’s group was able to save the forest, and they managed retrieve the flute, but The Mad Piper escaped from their grasp. Radim brought the reeds to King Blackthorn. Little is known at this time about the flute. Is the magic in the flute? Does the Piper have the magic and can create a new flute? Or does the Piper need the flute to channel his magic? King Blackthorn will keep the flute in his possession.  Radim has been assigned the task of uncovering more information about The Mad Piper. It is believed The Mad Piper will come seeking his flute at some point.


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    Governors’ Meeting Report by Katie Sage. Missing from the meeting were two governors, Frey of Jhelom and Pitr, of New Magencia.

    The Governors’ reported the following City information.

    Anne of Minoc: The miners are almost all recovered, the city worked together to get them back up on their feet. She has increased the number of guards patrolling the area for better coverage. All has been fairly quiet, maybe too quiet.

    Shenzin of Britain: All is well in Britain. The fishing fleet has had banner catches. There have been two (2) brief sightings of family members around town. Guards are on the lookout for them and they will be arrested on sight. King Blackthorn stated he wants the family captured. Governor Shenzin has increased guard protection and is sure he will be successful in capturing any family member entering Britain.

    Chanticleer of Trinsic: Governor Chanticleer reported some very startling and unsettling news.

    Governor Chanticleer and Sergio Jarrett of the Emerald Fist were given a tip that Suka and her crew were holded up somewhere in Cove. They set out to bring Suka and her crew to justice for her various assaults against the governors of Britannia and their connections to Moreno and his family. After a fight, where Governor Chanticleer and Sergio Jarrett were strongly outnumbered, they were captured for a short time. Suka admitted to the brutal slaying of the King’s man in Trinsic. She also had Jarrett nailed to a tree. It is unclear at this time why Suka released them. Perhaps that was a huge mistake on her part because will clearly deal with her and not find himself in that type of situation again. Governor Chanticleer restated why he has said many times. “In his infamous text, On the Diversity of Our Land, the King idealized cooperation between the races, ignoring the potential negative consequences, such as what we have witnessed with Suka’s Crew.”

         During Governor Chanticleer’s report, it was noticed that one of the pirates involved in the encounter in Cove, Ansley Gale, was standing in the room. After a brief discussion, King Blackthorn did not detain the pirate. He did ask him to leave, and he was escorted out of the castle by Edgar Craigen.

    Kaz of Moonglow: The hole in the catacombs created by Moreno during the diamond theft has been repaired. The areas closest to the surface have been reinforced and secured with nasty ward traps. It is doubtful Moreno and his gang will survive another attack on the catacombs. Questions are still unanswered as to the importance of the Gem and what use it will be to Moreno. The Moonglow mages are not saying much; they do not want the gem’s secrets known. Governor Kaz also reported farms being visited by people, overturning rocks, looking for colored eggs. The people visiting the farms appears to be acting a bit strange but seemed harmless.

    Amira of Skara Brae: Although still recovering from her kidnapping, Governor Amira bravely discussed her capture and experience while in the hands of the Insane Suka. Amira was kidnapped by Suka’s first mate Elara, a thing called Big Blue, and a rat. Suka did not appear happy seeing Amira taken by her crew. She did, however, decide to keep Amira in her “custody” until after the diamond heist. Suka appeared to want to use Skara Brae as a safe place for the family. Amira told her no. Amira was release apparently mostly unharmed. Amira has decided that Skara Brae needs a governor with stronger fighting skills than she has. Therefore, she is not running again for Governor.

    Bytor of Vesper: Vesper reports things are very quiet there. No family sightings reported. Governor Bytor stated he has increased guard patrols of the area and will report any findings. The King warned that Vesper is close to Minoc and Moonglow. Both had serious encounters with the family. Governor Bytor is quite aware of this and feels confident the Vesper Guards can keep Vesper safe.

    Idril of Yew: There have been reports of farmers and crafters missing and of strange and eerie chime music being heard by some. Governor Idril’s towns people report that the missing citizens appeared to act strangely and dance off into the woods. The druids continue to report strange occurrences in the forest and are quite concerned. There have been reports of dark shadowy figures in and around the town. Yew Guards continue to patrol and area and report findings back to the governor. Governor Idril was quite disturbed that the King allowed an identified family member to leave the castle instead of being detailed and question.

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    Orcs Corner submitted by Skrug

    Tu Feed de Gratch in Springietime.

    *an orcish tale re-told over generations, from days long passed.  The exact tale lost to memory, only some of the names remain*

    Meni moons ago, der wuz ork.  Dis wus fattest ork, an hungree’st ork.  Problee de dummest ork tuu (as lats will cee by end ob dis tale). 

    Dis ork went by name ob Gratch.  Hem wus alweys eatin’, eatin’ eburiting hem git paws on.  Hem eat’ed meat, an veggies, an mushroomz, an old boots, an dirt, an rocks, EBURITING!

    One moon, Gratches belly was reeli loud, growly, an reeli reeli hungree.  Gratch was wanderin’ near de fort, up to de clearing, tryin’ find sumtin put in hems fat slobbery mouth.   Hem was walkin’ past de Eldurs hut, and hem smelled bubhosh smell.  De smell ob cookin’ boar wuz ohn de yula an fillin’ Gratches snout, makin’ hem fat dum belly growl eben louder!

    Gratch went inside de Eldur hut (yub hem dum dum), and cee de boar cookin’.  Hem started tinkin’ day maybe nubash notize liddul bit missin’.  Su Gratch had a nibble.  Hem mouth waterin’ as hem smacked his lips as he eated.  Next time Gratch realize am dat hem nub juz take a liddul, hem eated most!

    Gratch gruk hem wuz in trouble, hem needed scat reeli fazt!  Gratches dum feet ran tu de door, but now hem belly all fatter, and hem nub fit in door!  Gratch was trapped!  Just den, de Eldur an a Mojoka came home to cee dems dinner ruined, and a dumb fat Gratch stuck in de door.

    Eldur ork was reeli mad at Gratch fur ruinin’ hems dinnur.  Hem ordered Mojoka to punish Gratch.  Hem blahed to mojoka “Cee dat dis fat glob git awl de fuud hem ebur wanted!”.  The mojoka waved his hands and Gratch’s world went black. 

    De next moon, a bunch of gruntees were gathered rownd a big box in de fort.  Dem was throwin’ meat, an veggies, an mushroomz, an old boots, an dirt, an rocks and eburting dem kud find into de box. Frum sumwhere deep in de box lat could hear Gratch blahin’ “burp” “dat hit de spot” “got eni salt?”…

    An’ dat am de story ob huw Gratch became de Gratch box.  He am still der in de fort tu dis day!

    Nuw eburi springie time, de orks gaddur rownd de fire to blah de storee ob de Gratch, an set off on mission to gaddur fuud for de old ork, cuz hem alweys hungree’st after de big winturs.

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    News from Yew.

    Strange occurrences continue to happen in Yew. While the King has sent Radim to assist, Governor Idril continues to search for answers. She has hired Anthraxas to search for answers.

    MEETING OF THE MINDS Anthraxas arrived at the Schloss von Blut, his home, and proceeded up the long flight of stairs past the guard, who bowed modestly, and entered the front door. He did not tarry in the foyer but walked to one of the portals which took him to the second story. Stepping forward he called out, "Dharzhal, are you here?"

    "I am. To your right," came a voice through an archway.

    Anthraxas stepped forward off the portal and walked into a dimly-lit chamber filled with desks, books, parchments... all the various accoutrements associated with magic, necromancy, history, lore, and the like. Sitting at a stone table was a dark elf who turned to stare at him.

    "What do you want?" he spoke in the common tongue. "I am very busy at the moment."

    Anthraxas smiled and seated himself in a chair, moving it to face the drow. "This won't take long. I need your skills... well, your skills are needed. There is something afoot that may involve your people."

    Dharzhal raised an eyebrow. "MY people? Drow? Hereabouts? No chance."

    "I know that sounds impossible but it is true. Someone, or some group, has found an ancient tome written by your people. The language is unmistakably drow; I've seen it. They may have tried to use it. It is on a table, out of doors, in a wild area thick with menace. I have a rune to give you so you may see it for yourself. I also brought you this," he said as he reached into his robe pocket and withdrew several small slender vials filled with a grayish powder. He extended them to the drow who took them. "I have never seen anything like that before. It could be blackrock but I am not sure."

    This got the drow's full attention. He turned in his seat, removed the stoppers of the vials and wafted the odor emanating from them toward his nose. He shook his head. "I am not certain, either. It is likely a compound, perhaps several reagents mixed, but none stand out to me."

    Antrhaxas was surprised. He knew the drow had unsurpassed skills as an alchemist and great skill as an inscriptioner. "You mean you don't know what it is? I am shocked."

    Dharzhal shook his head. "The book, the tome, is the key. I must see it for myself. Why did you not take it with you? Why did you leave it?"

     "I was with someone, a government official... in fact, the Governor of Yew. Besides, I did not wish to touch the thing! While I am brave, and can resist much in the way of poisoning, I am no fool. One does not touch fire and remain unscathed."

    "You are right. I will go and see it for myself... shortly."

    "Shall I accompany you?" He handed the drow a marked rune to the place.

    "No need. I will go alone. I do not wish to be seen by anyone. I have kept myself hidden away for all these years and I wish to keep it that way."

     "You have been seen in Umbra, my friend."

    "Anything can be seen in Umbra. None of the light-bearers go there," he countered."True enough. Well, I will go then. Do you mind telling me what you find and what may be your conclusions? I need to keep the governor informed," Anthraxas explained.

     "Fair enough. I will analyze the powder also. I will give you a full report when I am finished. One thing I ask of you, though..."

    "What is that?""Keep everyone off this floor. I know the students need their study rooms and beds, and the dining table is nearby, but for at least the rest of the day, make sure none enter this area. What I do may be dangerous. I need all my concentration. I do not need prankster imbeciles disturbing me."

     Anthraxas chuckled. "I will see to it. Only the waitress will be up here. She is expendable. I will charge her to leave you be.”

    Dharzhal nodded and rose from his seat. "Aluve" he muttered. "Forgive me," he added, "an old habit hard to break." Using the rune as his marker, he departed in a flurry of magical particles.

    Dharzhal’s findings …

     It was with some difficulty that Dharzhal T'Ar, the drow, completed the transcript of the tome at the ritual site. For one thing he was hounded by various hostile life forms and had to dispose of many. These broke his concentration, forcing him to once again focus on the matter at hand. As he was told by his sometime ally, Anthraxas, the inscriptions on the tome were in the dark elf tongue and the book itself was of drow make.

    Casting a spell of recall he returned to his erstwhile home, ascended the stairs and went to his study quarters to begin translating the tome into the common tongue of humans.

    Dhar's first impression was that the tome was a spell of summoning and it was, but not in the usual sense. It did not seem to be about bringing a powerful entity into the material plane, but rather bringing a curse upon the land. The essence of it was to begin a decay process that would eventually corrupt land for leagues around, perhaps even to the far reaches of the world in time and if not corrected. From what he could fathom of it, his kin, the drow concocted this curse to bring a vast swath of destruction upon the surface world that could take many forms: flames, blacked trees, elementals, polluted water, and would even attract creatures whose habitat seemed to match. He had already seen some of these creatures in the area and, as they were frenzied or hostile, had to destroy them. He shook his head; someone or some thing had already cast the spell and it was at work even now.

    As he mulled over the information, he realized that if a tome having such spells was placed in other areas of the world and its spells cast properly, those places would become even as the blighted region near Yew. Someone had to be warned of this possibility.

    Why the tome was left for all to view he could not say.  Perhaps copies were made by others.  Perhaps the tome itself was the key:  as long as it existed in the area, the effects would continue.  Certainly he had not been able to lift or move the book nor damage its pages in any way using either physical means or magical.  It had some kind of wards placed on it that defeated all efforts.  This would have to be investigated also.

    He finished his work and sealed the book.  Soon he was to meet with an official to deliver the transcript, someone whom he could trust to take it seriously and perhaps solve the mystery before it got out of hand.  He could do no more with it, and he dare not seek out his kin to learn any counter spells for it.  They were hunting him, seeking his life - the outcast who must die.

    Another Report from Dhar …

    Word came to the dark elf, Dharzhal, that a battle had taken place. A fey being had led a host of warriors, mages, tamers, and others against someone called simply, The Piper. They had been heavily attacked by warped, twisted, forces of nature: reapers, satyrs, as well as liches and other, unknown creatures. Apparently the Piper was able to confound the host with his melodies and generate other tunes that turned the creatures into a frenzied, lethally hostile, horde under his control. His intentions were as yet unknown and the host finally sent him scurrying for shelter elsewhere, but he left behind relics, flute reeds, that may have impaired his attacks in the future.

    Clearly the tome had been part of the Piper's repertoire in collecting his minions and possibly in controlling them. It may have also been the source by which he was summoned into this realm. If so, he was a being unknown to Dharzhal and possibly his kin. Yet maybe he was a dark version of a beneficent being that his kin had deliberately warped to use against their surface cousins, the elves. Either way he was a menace who must be stopped. If he could control creatures he might eventually use them to devastate regions, even towns and cities.

    Dharzhal's faith in a benign nature goddess would not permit him to ignore the danger and threat to the realm even if he felt it was not his problem. He considered his options but the sobering reality was that he would have to speak to someone further warning and perhaps journey back into the Underdark to assist in finding more information about the Piper, if there was any, and discover a means to counteract him.


    His issue was whom to approach about it. Anthraxas had mentioned talking to one of the governors. The best solution, however, was to speak to the one to whom he gave a translation of the tome. He remembered the name. Contact was not going to easy, but it could be done. It would be done.

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    Of Worthy Note, last month we published excerpts from Scar/Deminatza story from old parchments found and submitted to the paper. The story continues, much too long for this paper so I am posting links to the story. It is well worth the read.

    The Unwilling Bride | Stratics Community Forums


    The Unwilling Bride - Ultima Online Forums (

    Enjoy the read.

    The Yew Pen thanks Haraldur Tyrsson for the artwork in our new name plate.

    Thank you Lord Bytor for the screen shots.

    The Yew Pen seeks writers and stories. If you have a story you want printed or want to cover an area for the paper, please contact Idril Eladar via pigeon or drop a parchment in her mailbox at the Yew Town Hall.

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