"Temporary add-ons"

I get an error message when I try to customize my house.  It says I can't customize it due to temporary add-ons.  Well, it says something about gardens and beds and stuff I don't have, but I might have some add-on that's causing this.  I was wondering what this could be.  I have the basics, like an elven forge, anvil, soulforge, a wall safe, and a large painting hanging up...just cuz.  Are any of these causing it or is it something else entirely?  I've also customized my house hundreds of times and never received that message before.  Thanks in advance.


  • IvenorIvenor Posts: 1,216
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    Have you took a look at these pages:

    House Ownership – 6. House Decorating (The Basics)

    and the following ones?

    PS: what Soulforge do you have: the big one or the small one? Do you have some custom made wall or others achitectural elements? The problem could derive too from Containers that you place with a deed (e.g., the elven basin) but that you have to remove with an axe so they can transform in a "barrel" in your backpack...

  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,022Moderator
    I suspect you'll find the wall safe to be the culprit and yes, any container that is created from a deed.
  • SarkonSarkon Posts: 61
    It was the wall safe...thanks!
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