There are people with addiction problems that need their fix

*This post is a comical description of my state of mind, please do not take this overly seriously*

Now UO Dev team there are people out there who have the shakes waiting for the list of items for the upcoming treasures event.  We going through withdrawls because the Halloween event has been over for over four months.   Do you want us to end up in a UO detox center or out on the corner by West Brit Bank begging for money.  Don't do this to us man.  Don't do us dirty like that.  Give us a taste :)  Plllease!  


  • NikonNikon Posts: 2
    yall go any more of dem rewards vendors....
  • is funny, they release the event on Origin, not even on Test Center 1st, everything is shard bound, no notes about anything.
  • FoosFoos Posts: 81
    I see.  At least I know what's coming now.
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