!! EM Gate can be messed by a player gate...!!

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This past weekend: Pacific EM Event went terribly wrong for some people at the final boss fight. It seems that some player messed with the final EM gate for the boss. The gate took some of us back to town and we missed the final fight.

Here's the rundown of the whole event (I was there active all the way):
1. We all went to Fire Isle for the mob fight. No problem.
2. At end of mob fight, the final two Scalis looked like boss. (I wasn't sure, but they had boss effects and re-healed)
3. Then EM said something like "I give you few minutes.." (I wasn't sure what it meant. I thought it meant to give us time to find corpse/get res'd. Most people also stayed.)
4. Then EM casted a gate saying "closing in 2 minutes", so I followed. Again, EM did not say specifically the purpose of this gate.
5. This final gate somehow took some of us back to city --> Luna --> Fire Isle (EM gates were still active at these location). Many of us were confused but we went through a few times, but we were only looping. Obviously something was wrong.
6. After a few minutes, we saw on chat it was GAME OVER. There was a different area/boss.
7. Finally we gathered in EM Hall. That's when MANY players raised this issue over the confusion. The EM said he did not notice any issue. Estimated 20ish players missed out.

Next day I decided to run a test on Baja EM Event:

1. I casted Gate, hold cursor, drag a book, run to CITY Moongate, target a rune. System says "There is already a gate here". My spell fizzled. Good. Error-proofing design.
2. Next I ran the same process, this time on the EM GATE. And I was able to put my gate ON the EM Gate...! (No one was harmed during this quick test. It was not during prime time)
3. I went in twice, and each time it took me to different gate location.

pic from my test:

Needless to say, many people felt SOUR and HURT by yet another bug/griefing that wasted our time.


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    So you want the player who did it punished? 
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
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    “No, it should not be possible to open 2 gates at same location, is a genuine bug with EM gates”
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