Those EJ Characters that are over the 20/28 items in the bank question

How soon before we will be allowed to remove items to use the banking system, apples, enhanced bandaids petals, soul stones those characters have in the bank, yet the bank box is over full
Remove Trap = Bad News
Treasure Hunters


  • Indeed i have the same problem.
    No access to Soutstone cause of blue robes, useless container, a leg, some cookies and no access to my x-mas Brandy. *snif*

    Additional we need a function to remove an amount from a stack.
    How to handle 60k arrows in game?

  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    I am a little late to this thread, but thought I would comment anyway. According to a Dev on TC1, the stacked item is working as intended. This prevents scripters (who cannot use any house container) from storing up massive amounts of resources while they are asleep, at work, etc IRL. The stack stored in the bank must be able to be held in the character's backpack to be able to add to it, or remove any. A pack animal can carry more, but the stack would have to be be broken up to bank it and thus take more bank storage slots.
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