question about imbueing mats

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i do alot of weapon crafting and imbueing so i spend  alot of time in the abyss farming the mini champ spawns for my imbue mats, and the mats arent exactly a common drop, for example i have 2 the daemon mini champ twice to get enough crust to imbue reptile slayer, and rarely do i ever see anyone else down there farming anything, but yet when you VS any of these mats people are selling em by the 1000's, so where are they coming from? is there a better source then the abyss i dont know about?


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    You just need to find the alternate locations for mobs.  For example you can farm lava elementals here in North West Ter Mur

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    “they may have been duped, I was once at an idoc and between the 4 of us we each got 7plat worth of ingredients, deeds and deeds of 60k void orbs etc
    (they now get destroyed at idocs)”
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