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March 31, 2022 Edition

Editor: Idril Eladar

Reporters this month: Jeryd Oaker, Dear Addy, Katie Sage

The Yew Pen is produced in Yew and published after the Governors’ Meeting.


As I reflect on the month, and much has happened this month, I am called to mind the various races trying to coexist in a world that is uncertain and dangerous. Factions come and go, but You, the heart and soul of Britannia, live on. Good overcomes Evil; Evil overcomes Good. This is a world where nothing is predictable; it’s all in your control. Each and every one of you matter and you all have a marked impact on the world we live in. With said …

Moreno and his group of ruffians struck again. It appears, while the King was laying a trap of his own to capture the said villain, Moreno took advantage of the King’s preoccupation and attacked the Moonglow Lycaeum. It is reported Moreno was able to steal the Magencia Diamond, a gem found in the mines of Old Magencia and given to Moonglow Mages for safe keeping. This diamond is somehow related to focusing but how is unclear. Moreno used pirate ships to sail his gang into Moonglow under the cloak of darkness and descended into the Catacombs in pursuit of the diamond.

The King and using Tanila as bait, set a trap to capture Moreno. He let it be known Tanila and the Trinsic Paladins were on their way back to Trinsic in the hope Moreno would try to stop them. The King underestimated Moreno; he had other plans. The King’s plan failed miserably.

In the far reaches of Yew, one of the King’s men, Radim Bartos, a Watchman among other things, followed a lead that something was brewing deep in the Yew woods. He assembled a group of citizens and they sought out to discover what was going on. They ran smack into a group of cultists performing a ritual. It is unclear if the ritual had been performed to completion. The group, after a mighty battle, succeeded in scattering the cultists. Exploration of the area uncovered several alarming things. There was a ritual table. On the ritual table were a book entitled “Ruminations of the Ancient Drow”, texts detailing Earthen Magics, Void Salts, and a vial of an unidentified substance. Of more concern, was the Blackrock Pentagram next to the ritual table. Further exploration of the area, behind a tree close to the ritual table, a text detailing Anumi Mazette’s Banishment. How is this all related? Mazette was killed by cultists at his trial, outside the walls of Trinsic. Are the Tomes once again involved? These are questions, only you my readers, will be able to answer.

The evil Suka, as reported in last month’s paper, continues her rampage …

Governor Idril of Yew was lightly poisoned as a warning for reporting Suka to the King

Governors Kaz of Moonglow and Anne of Minoc were roughed up and threatened to stay out of the “Family’s” business.Governor 

Pitr of New Magencia was shot with a dart poisoned with deadly poison. He is alive today because he is an Elf.

Governor Amira of Skara Brae was kidnapped from the Bard’s Circle in her town. The circle was burnt to the found and the remains of a dead healer were found. She remains missing.


 The Governors Meeting, Reporter Katie Sage

 The King updated everyone in attendance on the events happening in the Kingdom. He discussed his failed plan to capture Moreno, Moreno and his heist, Radim and his find, and Suka and the attacks on the governors.

Each governor reported new of the towns:

Frey, Governor of Jhelom, rebuilt the burned theatre with the money he received from his insurance claim. He reported strange noises coming from the theatre. He discussed the new focus of Jhelom will be on the Gladiator Pits and Introduced a new Gladiator named Russal.

Pitr, Governor of New Magencia, reported finding 2 dead bodies in the sheep fields. It appears he has a new breed of sheep that is not only lightening fast, but deadly keeping the pastures of New Magencia safe from evil doers. Well done Governor Pitr. He reported he was shot with a poisoned dart while researching in Moonglow Library. He believes it was the handiwork of Suka.

Kaz, Governor of Moonglow and Anne, Governor of Minoc, both reported being roughed up by Moreno and his “Family”. They were told to stay out of family business. Suka was again involved. They both refused to do that and put a price on Suka’s head. Both Governors reported increasing armed and magic coverage in their towns. Kaz reported the theft of the diamond.

Shenzin, Governor of Britain, reported things being fairly quiet in Britain. There has been no sign of the “Family” since they were reported to be hanging out in the sewers.

Chanticleer, Governor of Trinsic, reported a killing in Trinsic of one of the King’s men. The man was found in the Governor’s office, in a mangled condition and. a note written in blood next to him. The note read “No one is Honorable”. He was not sure if this was connected to the mysterious insulting notes he has been finding or something different. His suspicion was that this may be the work of Suka. Whoever did it, was very disturbed to leave a body in that condition.

Amira, Governor of Skara Brae, was missing. In her place, Naomi, daughter of Xuri, the previous governor. She is assistant to g\Governor Amira, She reported the towns people are concerned but handling the Governor’s disappearance well. All is running smoothly. She did report some information on Suka. It appears Suka is her aunt, her mother’s sister, and she reported Suka is crazy. She is Nujel’m born and has no loyalty to the King nor to anyone. She has joined a band of pirates and runs with Moreno.

Bytor, Governor of Vesper, reported things were quiet in Vesper. There has been no sign of the “Family” but the Vesper guards are keeping a close watch on the area.

Idril, Governor of Yew, reported the sheep herders were angry over dead sheep. It appears several towns people were training killer rabbits. The people were caught and will pay retribution to the herders. Idril also reported being poisoned by Suka, and the discovery of the earthen magics deep in the Yew woods.

During the open section of the meeting, pregnant woman named River, asked for a pardon in exchange for information. We have gathered the following information on who River is:

River Daniels, "Rowdy" River Daniels is a known pirate, known to have worked along side Anumi Mazetti and smuggled a Tome to Nujel'm. River is also the real Captain of the Rebel Rovers. She is also known to have worked with Moreno and family, it was her ships and crew that transported people to and from the Lycaeum when it was raided. A deal she struck with Moreno before her condition was known.

The king indicated a pardon would be based on how relevant the information shared was. No guarantees. 

River shared the following information, take it at face value.

Vesper- we ran smuggling operations out of the tanners building, downstairs

New Magincia- smuggling to and from the city, the docks are wide open. And are people in the city really that loyal?

Skara Brae- Amira is kept hidden and will be released soon.

Jhelom- the Costumes and Wigs found in the hide out came from jhelom theatre, kind of shady it burned down after the hide out was found don’t you think? The Governor didn’t seem very worried.

Trinsic- The Governor is harboring a fugitive that committed treason against the crown. Shes still working with Suka and pirates. Is he really the honorable Governor to be leading the Governor of Honor? The fugitive was identified as a person named Moon.

Britian- theres so much drug trade, smuggling and black market trade going in under the kings nose and the Governors, they must be blind!

Yew- The attack on Idril was personal, but because Idril defended the bunny, she got off light in her threat, there's no obvious family involvement in Yew

Minoc- if you poke, the family pokes back harder. Anne's very public display of authority caused a violent reaction. Her continued dismissal of the warning caused the destruction of the miners camp.

Moonglow- Kaz was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and earned a beating for it. Obviously, disabling the Governor insured their mission to break into the Lycaeum that much easier.







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     Dear Addy! A new column by Dear Addy. Submit your questions for Addy to answer to Idril on parchment at the mailbox at the Yew Town Hall, or by pigeon …

     Welcome to My column, here people write in to ask and seek advice. From me Dear Addy! ---------

    Dear Addy, I write to you, today, seeking advice on My addiction. You see I have this problem; I like Toads! yes i have tried to withdraw myself from it but it is true, I like Toads. In all shapes and sizes. The craziest part is as much as I get angry about our King, I want to turn him into a Toad and I am almost there, I just really need this special fish! A King fish, but I have made so many enemies in these lands I fear someone has wronged me. My guess is its Blackthorn, but I blame everything on him. I have gone among the locals, and I cannot for the life of me figure out who burned my House down. Oh, Ya did I forget to mention that? Now I am trying to stay on the down low so I will not sign my name. I will just look for an answer in the newspaper. Signed. Nobody but everyone of you suspect its from Phoebe Nox 

    Dear Nobody, In response to your questions my simple answer is patience, with a spoonful of curiosity with a side of honey. Signed: Addy with loopy cursive script


    A Missing Person

    Missing Person by Jeryd Oaker

    It isn't that often we see a rash of kidnappings of noble persons, but we certainly have our share of disappearances here in Sosaria. One such instance came from a hitherto unknown gentleman named simply, "Scar." How he came by that name he won't tell, and when talking to him his face is hidden by a mempo leather mask. As I learned later, the scar apparently is inside, on his heart. I managed to learn about his search and found him to speak to him about this strange disappearance. "So, who is this woman you seek, sir?" I asked him as we talked in a pub in Jehlom, from which he hails. "The most beautiful woman ever known. Her name is Deminatza. She wears dark blue dresses, and her hair is raven black. She sings and plays as lovely on par with her beauty." "When did you last see her? How did you two get separated?" "Many years ago, in another time almost. I had heard her name mentioned as being around here and came looking for her. She had been kidnapped by a murderer named Xorak or something like that and I lost their trail. It seemed odd to me that she seemed now free and had not sought me out. Perhaps she has lost her memory or has suffered some enchantment... or worse," he explained, his voice grew fainter at the last word. "Have you posted a reward?" He shook his head. "No, I want only to find her and see for myself if we still... belong." "I can sympathize with you my friend. Perhaps after this is published something will come of it. For your sake, I hope it does." With that he departed quietly, having barely tasted his ale.


    A dusty old parchment uncovered somewhere in Sosaria

    Deminatza paced the floor of the small tower which was more her prison than home. She dreaded the arrival of her captor and extortioner, Torak. He left frequently for long periods to conduct his business in places he would never divulge. She assumed he had women stashed about, but she didn't care about that. What she did care about was that he would return, play the hypocrite with her emotions, and, if he could, try to seduce her once again. She would resist that fiercely and, in the end, he would fume but relent and leave her be. For some bizarre reason he wanted her love for him to be genuine, though deep down in his heart he must have known that would never be. Her love, her life, was for a man named Scaramandine, or Scar, for short. How she loved and missed him, her fiance and father of one child, Chasity.

    It was Chasity that kept her here against her wishes, not to mention the wards and guardians he posted all about outside. Chasity was very young, not even in her teens. She lived in Yew with another of Torak's minions, an elderly woman and a man named simply Father Balzar, a druidic priest. Torak paid both well to raise her and make sure she was watched and guarded. Occasionally, just to keep Deminatza from becoming too depressed, Torak allowed them to get together in Yew but only under the strictest supervision by his minions. Deminatza never knew exactly how many he had or who they all were, but she knew they would be about, at all times, watching their every move and eavesdropping on every conversation. For her part, Chasity seemed to accept it all; her mother had to be away "for her health" as she had some kind of disease that required a "different atmosphere" in which to live and she could not be "burdened" by the raising of a child in such conditions. That was the official story. Deminatza had to accept it and enjoy what time she could with her daughter; the only tangible connection between her and her love, Scar. (continued)

    It was not that Deminatza had not tried to escape innumerable times. She had and each time she failed miserably. She had no spell book, scrolls, or reagents, no access to any. The door was locked from the outside and the windows were too narrow to climb out even if they were not adamantine-barred. She did, however, have her hiding places for objects she needed to record her day-to-day experiences; a journal, hidden in a large crack in the first story floor and covered over with granite gravel and a large rug. Torak didn't bother anything inside; he was too arrogant to believe she could get away from him and that was all that concerned him. Today's morning entry read:

    "Torak will be arriving today, likely this evening. The journey from the other facet takes time and wears one out drastically. His coming, however, does signal that I will get to see my daughter again, for a few days. This keeps me sane. I must put on a good face and show for her. She must never know the depths of despair into which I sink from time to time. I must be strong for her. I must believe that one day we will be free and together again, with Scar, whom I deem as my husband, more than a fiance’. We will enjoy the life we wanted, away from these terrible people who have no conscience. I will try once more to tell Torak that I do not love him nor ever will I. He still clings to the belief that we can be what we once planned to be in our childhood, as friends, to wed as husband and wife. I do not know what happened in his youth to make him so, but he is not the same person he was. I must stop now and will record later what transpired this time." She closed the book and returned both it, her pen, and inkwell, into the small box, carefully hiding it once more.


    RUMORS …

    … watch out for that fishing contest, the one paying a high prize for a King Fish … it is rumored the fish is needed to turn the King into a toad.

    … now River is sailing off to her father’s homelands to have her child, getting off free from her crimes for snitching on others.


    The Yew Pen thanks Haraldur Tyrsson for the artwork in our new name plate.

    The Yew Pen seeks writers and stories. If you have a story you want printed or want to cover an area for the paper, please contact Idril Eladar via pigeon or drop a parchment in her mailbox at the Yew Town Hall.

    I was unable to get the pictures and artwork to print on the forum. I will try to fix this for next month.

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