Discord Archer

I figure skills will look something like:

120: music, disco, archery
100: anat, tacs
80: chiv, healing/bushido/spellweaving (can’t decide on that last pick just yet)

I’m just curious on what I would do with him, lol.  Do any of you run a disco archer regularly?  If so, what kind of content do you enjoy with it? Any particular content it excels at?  Etc.

Any input is welcome, thanks.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,233
    Mine is a full Bard.  He goes to group events.  I have him follow my other toons for his buffs.
    We been doing the spawns and getting sashes every time.

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,231
    edited March 2022
    Me me me! I run one and it is one of my most fav templates of all time and it can be extremely cheap to make if you don't want to go overboard.

    My temp is as follows:
    120 Arch (100 real skill + hunters headress for the +20 archery and 15 hit chance)
    120 music - real skill
    120 discord - real skill
    100 tactics
    100 anat
    100 heal
    80 focus (just because i run bard masteries a lot)

    This is a template you can really tweak out with items. You can also skimp anat/heal in favor of chiv and bush. I wouldn't recommend weaving due to conflict reaching a decent mana pool, max swing, DI and SDI for WoD. 

    This template can very easily solo Navery or any champ boss (need another character to work the spawn). Anything one on one this character will eat alive. 

    I run mine a little differently. I don't use specials. I run a 100% elemental damage slayer magical shortbow or yumi at max swing and max DI with the rest in mana because the bard masteries are fantastic (included if you just get a mastery book) (left click the mastery book to switch elemental damage type!)
  • SarkonSarkon Posts: 61
    Good stuff, thanks for the info, gentlemen.
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