Possible Bug with logging out with a loaded pack animal while not riding it

Before I post this in the bugs section I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

This has happened to me TWICE now.

I forget to hop on my blue beetle and log out. There are things in it's pack.

I log back in, it logs in next to me. I hop on it, and it makes a NEW blue beetle.

The first time it happened, I unloaded the second beetle (One I am not riding) and stabled it. It didn't actually stable but it disappeared when I stabled it.

Then I took the one I was riding and tried to put something it it's pack and it says this container cannot hold more weight even though there is nothing in it.

So I got and bonded ANOTHER beetle and again forgot to mount it....this JUST happened again. Logged in, beetle was next to me, hopped on it and it made another beetle.

When I hop off it, the second one disappears.

So my first beetle is now broken and I can't put anything in it's pack.  This one, because I didn't stable it, it's fine...still a weird little buggy glitch that comes with the 24 hour auto log out thing yes?


  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,040
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    There are other ways to make your pet double.  DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH IT.

    It is best to try to get it back to one pet quick by mounting them until there is one or stabling them.

    After I stable them I log off and come back to make sure it is there.  Players have lost pets because they play around with this.

    There is no way to dupe your pet, there is just a way to have the pet go poof.

    This happens to beetles easier than other types.  Hiryus are next.  It happens on the high seas, it happens when you drop rocks at Navrey.  Other than your example it is not easy to constantly duplicate this bug.  On a ship, one pet can be on the ship and the other in the water.  If you lose the real pet, it can go poof.

    I would only mess with this bug on TC.
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  • TynkTynk Posts: 41
    don't log out with things in your pack. I recently lost one that i was riding when i logged out. logged in and not there. fully scrolled too.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 720
    This happens to me when I crash while gathering resources or if the beetle decides it wants to attack a mongbat 12 screens away and I have to log in and out to find it. After I get back on, I have to recall out the area I was in and log in and out again. Then I jump on the beetle and it if it's doubles I get off the beetle and jump right back on it. The double poofs at that point. 
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,174
    Interesting....yeah when it happened the first time I stabled the double, which of course didn't stable but my original beetle is now broken and can't hold anything in it's pack :( And when I say Original I mean like the first month of Origin original...*sighs*)

    This one seems to be okay but I haven't stabled it yet.

    I do tend to forget sometimes or when someone asks for something and I'm on my crafter I log out real quick to help and forget to hop on the beetle.

    That's kind of a scary thing, hopefully that can be fixed, thanks guys for the replies.

  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 1,029

    I would page a GM to look at the beetle that can no longer hold anything in it's pack. A GM might be able to fix it. If not, the creature still might hold a clue the dev team needs to fix the underlying issue.
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    They should stop making any more changes to systems that have no bugs, because there are always high risk of introducing new bugs in any new codes.

    If they can't even resolve existing bugs they should stop meddling with time proven systems until they have the resources. 
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