"Cloak & Dagger"

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Cloak & Dagger 

King Blackthorn greeted the morning’s sun as he emerged from below the deck of his ship. The ship’s crew nodded and saluted the King as he made his way to the captain.

“Anything during the night?” inquired King Blackthorn as he began to peer through a spyglass at the coastline. The captain shook his head as he replied:

“Nothing sire. No reports from the men at the camps either.”

After several minutes of surveying the coast, King Blackthorn slowly lowered the spyglass and took a seat at a large table on the ships deck. Within a few moments, one of the sailors brought a few loaves of bread, freshly caught fish and some water to the table. Captain Filnar joined the King and motioned to various points on the large map that was on the table as he spoke:

“We have men here, here and over here.”

The King nodded as Captain Filnar continued:

“The Rangers have the woods secured along the river; And over here to the south, the Paladins are amassed and waiting.”

“I was expecting them to make a move under the cover of darkness, perhaps to get some of their thugs into place ahead of Tanila’s departure.” Replied King Blackthorn.

“Tanila is set to depart for Trinsic under the midday’s sun. I would anticipate by dusk she should be halfway through the journey.” Said Captain Filnar as he pointed to the roads between Britain and Trinsic on the map.

King Blackthorn glanced over to the pitcher of water and poured himself a glass. After he finished taking a sip he inquired:

“Do you think they took the bait Filnar?”

The captain pondered for a few moments before replying:

“We know the journals, parchments and map were all taken by their men during their attack on the Paladins. I only hope we can ensnare as many of them as we can.”

King Blackthorn grinned as he nodded.

“It is like a well-played game of chess, Filnar. To win against your opponent, you must think several moves ahead.” Said King Blackthorn. He took another sip of water and continued:

“I also expressed my desire to have Tanila return to Trinsic at the last gathering of the Governors. I have no doubt that word reached their ears.”

King Blackthorn and Captain Filnar continued to study the map in front of them and ran through possible scenarios of where the Family may attack Tanila from. As the hours went by, the sun was almost at mid sky, and Tanila would be starting her journey to Trinsic with the hopes of luring the agents of the Family into an ambush.

As the hours continued to pass by, the evening sky had fallen over the lands. King Blackthorn surveyed the coastline for any signs of activity. After several moments, he lowered the spyglass and inquired with Captain Filnar:

“They do know to light the torches should they see anything, right?”

Captain Filnar nodded and replied:

“Yes sire. They have been instructed to illuminate the area should the thugs attempt to flee into the woods; And would be easy targets for the Rangers.”

The King smirked as he slowly raised his spyglass back and continued to scan the coast. After several minutes, he returned to the large table and lit a lantern that was hanging from the ship’s main mast. As the sky continued to darken, less and less could be made out from the coast. The King anxiously paced back and forth on the ship’s deck while Captain Filnar scanned the coastline for any signs of illumination. After several hours waiting, it was now the middle of the night.

“Sire, if everything was going to plan, Tanila should have reached the outskirts of Trinsic at this point.” Said Captain Filnar as he glanced at the timepiece on the table. The King stood in silence for several moments as he looked to the coastline.

“I see no signs of activity Filnar. Tonight, would have been the perfect night for them to attack. With Tanila fast approaching Trinsic, they should have made their move hours ago.” Said King Blackthorn as he exhaled a deep sigh. He continued:

“Let us return to the city. Perhaps we will get some news at daybreak.”

The captain nodded and motioned for his crew to prepare for departure. As the large ship sailed back to harbor in Britain, the dawn of the sun could be seen out over the ocean.

After arriving in Britain, King Blackthorn and Captain Filnar made their way through the city streets and eventually back to the castle. Upon entering his chambers, the King inquired with one of his servants about any relevant news from Trinsic. The servant shook her head and returned to her duties.

“What do you make of it Filnar?” Inquired King Blackthorn. Captain Filnar stood in silence for several moments. Just as he was about to reply, a servant entered the chamber:

“Sire, an urgent parchment.”

“Quickly, let me see that!” Exclaimed King Blackthorn as he hurriedly grabbed the scroll. As he broke the wax seal and read through the parchment, a look of anger fell over the King. He slowly lowered the parchment and stared at a chessboard that was on a table across from him.

“What is it sire…” Captain Filnar attempted to ask but was cut off by King Blackthorn swatting the chessboard across his chambers in anger. He then discarded the parchment as the two quickly made their way to Blackthorn’s study. The servant who had delivered the news was left shaken by the King’s anger. After cleaning the chessmen and broken game board up, she glanced at the discarded parchment.

“The Lycaeum Catacombs have been ransacked! Signs and witnesses point to the Family!”
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