Blackthorn Town cryer quest!?

Has anyone completed this?  I have someone saying where to click for the books and he got it and I cant seem to find it.  I have GM detect hidden on my char too.  Im missing at least three books still, chapters 3 6 8.  Is this working correctly?  @Kyronix ; @Bleak


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    Yes, it's working. I did it a week ago (but only with help from @Margrette!).

    Do you want the locations, or did you just want to know if it's working?

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    Nevermind, completed the quest. 
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    which one is this?
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    Since you finished this quest.. I have a question. You said you were GM. Did it help?   Do you need Detect Hidden do this quest?

    Ok, I figured out that they are in Blackthorn  and i have found 3 books so far. Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 6.  How do you know which clues you got right, beside the books. 

  • Edit last post:: i have found prologue, chapter 1, Chapter 4, Chapter 6, & Chapter 7.. (Spoiler alert) Confused cause I found book 7 by the bees which i would have thought that is where book 8 would have been,.

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    There is no chapter 8,  Prologue through chapter 7.  Some of the clues don't really add up to where you find the books.  I basically just ran around clicking detect everywhere and  happen to get lucky.  Also no you do not need detect hidden skill to complete it, but if your running with none there is a chance to  fail to find it.
  • OK, Thank.. Yeah after i posted.. I made a list of clues, books, and where i found them.. That when i realized chapter 7 was book 8.
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