UWB change and its affect on VS

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I just want to let the developers know that with the new recall changes to the underwater boss that it doesn't let you recall from the VS map to a house near the docks. My friend has a vendor house on Chessy there and I tried to go there from the VS map and it gave message "You cannot recall into that area".
Hopefully the developers will take a moment to look into a way to fix this. I'm sure Chessy and Atlantic are not the only shards with houses near the dock.



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    Yeah kinda sucks,  I can't even mark a rune on my house and recall to it......would be nice if mesanna could relocate us, or give us to option to relocate to an ummm I dunno , malas castle spot.... Then just make the dock area not open to housing anymore....
  • Why is this closed it's a legit issue I'm having with my house
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    The silence is stunning 
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
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    It wasn't closed so much as just moved. In the gen chat posting it has both "closed" and "moved" on the post. I guess technically, it is closed in general forums so that is why it is labeled both.  
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    That's what I wanted to do do on the first post. I had to look up how. Hopefully now they see it and can help the home owners near Gravewater Lake Dock get back into business.
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    It was moved to the BUG side so they closed it on the GEN side.
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    If it had been closed, you wouldn't have been able to post on it to ask why :D When I move a thread to a different forum the forum software automatically leaves behind a closed version of the original thread to re-direct.
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