Fire steed lore gump not showing pack instinct

Not sure if this is intended and might have been removed but when I lore my fire steed it shows no pack instinct, but if I go to uoguide it says its deamon/equine.  Just noticed and thought I would mention it.  Thanks.


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,884Moderator
    edited February 2022
    Is the fire steed trained up beyond its spawning slot level? Pack instinct is lost when pets are trained up.  (logically you can't have a pack if you don't have enough follower slots for more than one of them)
    A pet with pack instinct will lose that ability as its slot requirement rises to a point where the ability to hunt with multiple pets is ruled out.

  • ahh, yes, it is trained up.  Thank you for the clarification.  Have a great day!
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