Why not make cursed items even stronger?

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@Kyronix - The thread about the new monster loot proof chest had me thinking about how with all the guardrails we have in place today (insurance/LRC/belts & quivers) that there isn't much risk when a player dies because even if they don't make it back to their corpse because what are they going to lose? Some potions / petals / bag of sending? 

Personally I don't really care when my toon dies because worst case scenario if I can't make it back to my body I might lose some potions (half the time for PvM I don't even carry them) or necro reags for my sampire (but I have arcane boots in case I was looted). So my thought was to add some risk back into adventuring by bumping up the intensity of cursed items compared to their brittle counterpart (ie a cursed legendary artifact would be stronger / higher intensity / more properties than a non-cursed legendary). This wouldn't impact anyone's current setup by watering down current legendary drops as those would still drop and people would have the choice to use cursed items or not... but there would be greater reward (ie maybe an extra max property or overcapped mods like +35 LRC etc) for the risk of running around with gear you could possibly lose. 

I think this would also potentially add a new wrinkle to PvP if people wanted to bring them out to help get an edge; which would also in turn give a little more purpose to playing a thief again. 

I've added a poll for everyone to vote on this idea just for fun.
  1. Would making cursed items be stronger be a good idea?6 votes
    1. No - Insured items are already strong enough and this would be power creep.
    2. Yes - It would add a new ( or returned) level of risk when adventuring.


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    I have wondered this a lot if it has cursed tags turn up the intensity on all other mods...
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