Event: The Demon's Revenge- Ashmarta Returns!

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The Demon's Revenge
Swinging around, the hooded figure stared at
the Demon Ashmarta. "So you're going to risk
possible death, in your attempt to take over
the realm? What is that going to accomplish then?
Surely you know how strong the people are. They
are willing and will not stop at nothing to protect
their King!", she said.
" And if I do not fail, the rewards will be great!
The kingdom will be mine for ruling under chaos,
and you have much to gain as well", he snarled.
Narrowing her eyes, the hooded figure glared at
the demon. " You are foolish, more so than I thought.
You have the two, and one already taken care of that
can not do you harm any longer. Why attempt to kill
the King?"
"Because the KING stands between me and my rule!" he
screamed. Looking over at the two figures chained
and bound he said," I have no need of them any longer
they have served their purpose in causing doubt in the
"Doubt, yes, They were accused of helping you, when
in fact they were trying to stop you!" What are you
going to do with them now? Turn them back over to
the people once you take rule?" the hooded figure
Sneering, the demon, turned to the mage, "Let them
go? You call me foolish," he said with an evil laugh.
"They will be "returned" to their people. Of that you
can be sure." "Now be gone, my minions await my word"
Giving the Demon one last look, the hooded mage turned
and went through the door. Glancing behind her as she
hurried along the hallway, she turned the corner and
cast a telekinesis spell. Slowly a portion of the wall
opened up and she slipped inside. Lighting a torch
she went towards the figure laying still on a makeshift
cot. Looking the figure over, she smiled at how well
the healing potions had worked after being saved from
the dragon lair and the wounds she had suffered.
Laying her hand on the woman's shoulder, she gently
shook her awake.
The Woman turned and smiled at Eris who handed her
her staff and said. "It is time Sar, he must be
Event: The Demon's Revenge- Ashmarta Returns
Date: 1/29/22
Time: 7pm pst/10pm est
Gate to West Brit Bank will be provided from inside Luna Bank.

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