Catskills Friday Night Hunt Group - Road Trip!

Hello Pacific! I come bearing greetings from a shard far way called Catskills. On Friday nights, for the past many years, we gather as a shard to hunt together. Actually, it’s mostly a chance to laugh and gather death robes but we call it hunting. The Friday hunts are truly a community hunt and opened to all. We usually run a group of anywhere from 10 to 40 people depending on the destination.

The FNH was founded with the idea to give players who are not part of a large group access to content that required more than solo play. We like to have a good time and we like it even better if we can teach people how to do things as well. We have many veterans as well as new and returning players.

This week, we have decided to take our hunt on the road and are paying a visit to your wonderful lands for your EM event this week. You will be able to quickly identify us as we are all gargoyles wearing engraved purple robes, when we are not wearing death robes. We are, for the most part, playing on  brand new characters started here for the purpose of this visit. Most of us have about 40-50 skills and low level suits. Our guild motto is Laughter, Fellowship and Death Robes and our robes clearly state we are here for the death robes. We formed the guild here mostly so we could find each other. On Catskills, we come from many different guilds.

I do realize that many would prefer not to see gargoyles flapping around so please remember you can turn this animation off. We hope that you will take our visit in the spirit it is intended, the spirit of community and fun.

In return, we invite anyone who would like to come visit us on Catskills and join us any Friday night. We have a Discord set up just for the Friday Night Hunts and invite you to join us there. I always post the weeks’ hunt destination with any tips anyone needs to know. All keys, etc. are provided for the hunt night as well as resources. I also always have an Undertakers staff or two on hand. You can search Discord for UO Friday Night Hunts or try this invitation link: Please do keep in mind, we are all adults and the channels are not PG at all (especially if Dee and Whitewolfe are with us!).

Thank you in advance for your hospitality and we look forward to spending some time with you tonight!


  • Thank you so very much for hosting us tonight Pacific. We had a blast! We'd love to have you come join us on a Friday night anytime!
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