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  • I found a couple solutions-      For those in EC stocking vendors you go User Settings/ Legacy/Legacy containers. Those containers already open will remain in the former setting, any new containers will open in CC view and settings. My mistake was u…
  • I agree with the being able to buy on search screen.  The problem is not that bags are not properly labelled as to contents or neatly organized, it is just that is not how it appears when you look using CC. I switched to Classic look on containers, …
  • Laughing at the moment, binging Lord of the Rings at the moment, near the battle of Helms Deep. I have terrible Wifi in apt complex , long story. Don't use CC and been trying to update for hours, will be a long time until updated.  There has to be a…
  • Bingo, we have a winner.  Thank you Mariah and Arroth.  It is definitely  the cursor targeting system. I found that if you use a shovel like you are mining and target any mobile it triggers this bar. As for workaround, I could do the ore on a hotbar…
  • You are not getting it. Target a creature- you will see a small red bar, which represents its health. It is a separate item from the health bar you are talking about. Target several creatures, each one you target that bar will appear. you have to mo…
  • This must be NO THANKS giving day on UO. Connection issues, the stuck bars, gems that you cant craft with, now this
  • Larisa said: You people should know that it doesn't automatically start with server up. They have to manually place all the NPC's and flip the switch...usually later on in the day. When has it EVER started first thing after server up? How lo…
  • I was thinking perhaps a noon pacific time, but I would look for first indication in news.  As to alphabetical, I would agree if the alphabet starts with L A K E S U P E R I O R.
  • I have been guessing a universal start time after all daily maintenance. The first sign might be a heads up in news at start up of game.
  • The suggestion is good, just  limit it  to sending to individuals rather than gen chat and the ability of individuals to block such action either totally or individuals. 
  • They should make an adjustment on the 180 day offering. It is the same price as the 6 month cost, but less days.  I purchased 180 as a hedge in case there was a cash flow issue at the normal renewal time. I did not want to chance a disruption just a…
  • I was going to write the exact same thing.  You would think be another thread or notice on shard availability by this time