From the Desk of Angelique - Puff

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Attention all RBG and Citizens of Britannia,

His Majesty has tasked us to find more information on Puffs murder and where to find Puffs egg. 

He has tasked the information with the Governor of Moonglow and Minoc in hopes of finding this information. His Majesty has narrowed down some who may be more inclined to assist in this venture and provided said list to those Governors. 

I am told they will be making a statement soon on this information. 

Good luck, we officially meet September 13th to use what we know and find that egg.

Chesapeake EM


  • EM JewelsEM Jewels Posts: 125Event Moderator
    It is with great pleasure that I announce that at approximately 9:45pm ET on 9/20/2023, the egg in Moonglow hatched to reveal a tiny baby dragon!!

    Please be sure to stop by near the Governors office in Moonglow to say hello to Puff!

    I am told that because of the magical nature of Puff, they will grow rather quickly. So please be sure to visit as often as you can to watch them grow to maturity! (Est time to teen is 1 Real World Week)

    Thank you,
    Chesapeake EM
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