Another returning player, Tamer build question.

So I've just managed to recover my old OSI account, I lost a lot of stuff when my house fell but I still have my characters!

My Tamer was pretty much just a Mage Tamer, can you tell me if it's still an ok template, or if there is something worth changing for the game in its current state.

My build is currently:

Animal Taming 100 (110 with jewelry)
Animal Lore 110
Vet 101
Magery 79 (85 with jewelry)
Meditation 105
Eval Int 68.7
Wrestling 70
I have some points in other skills but nothing major (some fishing, some music).

I've heard and read about other Tamer builds that are good these days, but don't want to make a mistake and lower a skill if I don't need to (I lost my soulstones when my house fell on Europa).

I have a suit that gives 101 lrc and some old pure mares and pure WWs.

Any help or suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated.


  • MerusMerus Posts: 656
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    Probably my favorite tamer template for a single account is a discord tamer.

    120 music, discord, taming, lore, vet (all real skill)
    100-115 magery (usually with a +15 magery book)
    the rest in Med
    (sometimes 20 hiding depending on race)
  • gaygay Posts: 358
    There are a bunch of dif ways to dress up a tamer these days, but probably the most basic is just the Eval Weaving tamer with Vet. and it doesn't need any +skill items. It basically gets you the entire core of what a tamer wants to be able to accomplish and wont break the bank. Slap a basic LRC+LMC+MR suit with resists on it, some SDI caster jewels and you'll be good to go.
    • Animal Taming, 120
    • Animal Lore, 120
    • Veterinary, 120
    • Magery 120
    • Evaluating Intelligence, 120
    • Spellweaving, 120
    If bards are more your route, discord is probably one of the better choices but you can swap discord for Provocation if you prefer, and again doesn't require any +skill items.
    • Animal Taming, 120
    • Animal Lore, 120
    • Veterinary, 120
    • Magery, 120
    • Music, 120
    • Provo / Discord, 120
    The nice thing about these basic 6x120 templates is that you can fit luck or SDI suits into them really easily.. Of course though there are more technical builds around, such as Necromancy Tamers, Dexer Tamers, Dexer/Mage hybrid Tamers. But at the end of the day those two builds will let you do just about anything you'd ever want to do as a tamer.

    The first build you could run the Magery mastery and have a conductive blast pet, use scrolls to get into wraith form and leech you mana while doing good dmg supported by your pet's debuffing and tanking. Or you could swap Eval off for Fishing/Cartography and be a treasure hunter.
  • SarkonSarkon Posts: 61
    Tamer mages are...fine.  Your basic Taming/Lore/Vet/Mage/Med/Eval will get you through 95% of the game with few issues.  Trained pets are really powerful now.  I would invest a small amount of time taming and training a Cu Sidhe.  You can train them up very fast and jump right into some more endgame content.  If you have not read about using the Mastery system to finish skills that are 90+, you should look into that to max out your taming without the hassle of taming a million things.  There are a few guides floating around for pet builds, and I would suggest finding one that emphasizes Armor Ignore and Chivalry on your pet and go from there.
  • RazielRaziel Posts: 2
    gay said:
    Wow, thank you so much!  I really appreciate the time you spent copying the links to the resources I'd need.

    You are a true legend!  Now to get reading.

  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,233
    As usual i'll voice my preference toward discord tamers. 

    There is nothing wrong with a mage/eval tamer with the exception that it can get super expensive for a new/returning player buying the SDI items and slayer spellbooks. I have hundreds of mils invested in my spellweaving tamer. 

    The discord tamer only needs a trash suit and 2k gold for a gm made instrument. 
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