[BUG] Pet Damage Colors/Damage taken colors change randomly

VioletViolet Posts: 355
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@Kyronix @Bleak @Misk
The colors of damage taken and damage done for pets seems to switch perhaps randomly.

Testing was done on slimes as they do little to no damage to pets, so all numbers would be pet damage.

Test 1:
Chiv/AI Nightmare casting casting holy light, all pet damage numbers, both red and yellow.  the switching occured very frequently.

Test 2:
FWW/Goo Fire steed
The colors switch only once near the beginning

Test 3:
FWW/Magical Nightmare, the following 3 screenshots were taken within the same 20ish seconds.
FWW hitting displaying both red and yellow.



  • BleakBleak Posts: 142Dev
    This will be resolved in the next patch.
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