EA is out of products?

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I guess EA need the codes feed from your end?
I purchase 5 codes on Friday (Dec 2nd) and only received 2 and they show as processing?  EA customer support said that product may be "out of stock" ??  is that even possible?


  • CathyCathy Posts: 10
    Same thing here @Mesanna

    EA saying the product is out of stock
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    Enjoy the game while you can.  Not looking forward to learning a new game but handwriting appears to be on the wall.  Sorry UO.
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    Hmm  :|
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    Skett said:
    Hmm  :|

    Just bough 5 mins ago one "1 month UO Game Time" and immediately received the Code by email. I noted than during the WE the EA system doesn't always send the codes in real time...
  • CathyCathy Posts: 10
    i think is the 6 month GTC only
    i bought another and say processing still...
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,293
    So you can no longer buy 6 month gtc? 
  • I bought one this week, but there was no code in the email, so I had to get help, then it arrived correctly. so, a few days ago they were for sale.....

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    Usually it's the extra checks when you use your credit card and buying same item more then 2 times from another country. This has been discussed before, and the ea codes are bought from switzerland if my memory is correct. 
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    Cathy said:
    Same thing here @ Mesanna

    EA saying the product is out of stock

    EA Custom "care" doesn't even know what UO is, as I verified myself repeatedly... :D
  • CathyCathy Posts: 10
    I emailed her and boooom  problem solved!
    received the codes on email!!
  • styxstyx Posts: 20
    EA delivered and they are available again to purchase
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