A New Journey

The sound of birds began to be heard in the distance as the sun began to warm the the walls of the stone  building.  Desmond slowly awoke from his sleep, rubbing his eyes as he crawled out of bed.  it had been many years since he had spoken with his caretaker. Today was important he thought to himself, he never comes in person unless its for something important he thought to himself. 


Drunken monk took a deep breath as he entered the keep.  In all the years he had kept the secret today was the day he regretted the most. He had to tell Desmond who his mother truly was and the tragedy that had become her.  Lowering his hood monk reached for the door handle with his callused hand and proceeded to the meeting room. 


As monk began telling the story of  Aulbrey Loveless, Desmond slumped in his chair and listened  carefully. He had always wondered about his mother, he was always told he had a mother but when Desmond questioned anything about her he was shut out.  Desmond her the tale of how she was a mage and her mind worked differently then most. When the story was concluded, monk handed Desmond and leather bound journal.   

this was your mother’s , she would want you to have it” monk told Desmond. 


Desmond looked through the pages and slowly looked up,  “what do these numbers mean?” 


“that is for you to find out, this is your journey now” monk told Desmond  and with that monk lay down a leather pouch and a map.   


  • daricdaric Posts: 32
    After Desmond walked out from room, one of oldest monks who was just watching both of them and listening sayed "why you send him there? You know very well that he won't find anything. What comes to that journal you was told to burn it and never mention anything about it to him or anyone"
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