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My thief has reached a skill level (70) where random stealing armor weighing 15 stones from his packhorse has become too easy and very little skill gain is happening.  So I would like to switch to targeted stealing where 8 stones is still considered challenging.  Like with the random stealing I would like to use a macro using the actions available in the EC to target random objects in my packhorse's backpack and steal them using targeted stealing.  Is this even possible?  If possible what are the exact actions I need to include in my macro.


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    Hey @TimSt,

    I am always up for exploring the EC a bit more, so I thought I'd see if I could get this to work.

    This is working for me, so I'll walk you through it. Since you are stealing from a pack inside the packy, not sure how skill gain will work. I get the message that I lost a lot of karma and that I successfully stole the item, so I'm guessing you'll get gain???


    1. Put an empty container in your pack animal.

    2.Open your pack animals pack and open the empty container.

    3.EC>Actions>Object Targeting>Store Default Object 1 (I put this on a hotbar.)

    4.Left click "Store Default Object 1" and select the open empty container in your pack animals pack.

    5.Put 10 (or 100) of the item you wish to steal in the open empty container. I chose scepters since they weight 8 stones, but you can change it up as needed.


    1.EC>Actions>Object Targeting>Target Default Object 1 (this will target your chosen container in your packy's pack.

    2.EC>Actions>Targeting>Target First Item (this will target the first item in your chosen container, ie scepter 1)

    3.Skill>Stealing (Cursor Target)

    4.EC>Actions>Cursor Targeting>Waitfortarg

    5.EC>Actions>Cursor Targeting>Cursor Target Current

    6.EC>Actions>Other>Delay (10s)

    7.Enable Repeat

    8.Repeat = 10

    You could also repeat macro steps 1-6 10 times, then enable repeat for a total of 100 steal attempts.

    Once I had stolen all the scepters into my characters pack I set up a restock agent to move them back into the container (now Default Object 1) in my packy's pack.

    So, 1 key press to steal all 10 (or 100 scepters), 1 key press to return them all.

    Took a bit to figure out, but it works well.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: Had to be done in Felucca, the packy blocked me from stealing in Trammel.

    EDIT 2: I'm sure someone else will pop in here with a much, much, easier way. This is the only way I could figure out to get it to work.

  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,466
    Thanks @Arroth_Thaiel.  That did the trick.  I am already in negative karma with a Dastardly title,  because I have been stealing from my packy so much while I train.  As a professional programmer I can not believe I did not see that sequence.
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    I was able to get this macro to work a little simpler:

    1 - Open lama 
    2 - Open bag


    1 .EC>Actions>Targeting>Target First Item (this will target the first item in your chosen container, ie scepter 1) (Bag must be identified when making macro - with set bag)

    2.Skill>Stealing (Cursor Target)

    3.EC>Actions>Cursor Targeting>Waitfortarg

    4.EC>Actions>Cursor Targeting>Cursor Target Current

    5.EC>Actions>Other>Delay (15s)

    7.Enable Repeat

    8.Repeat = 10 

    Commands can also be copied in the macro as many times as needed - I did 10 so with repeat enabled I get 100 attempts.

    Must be done in Felucca to work. 
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