what am I missing?

hello, I've been doing my warrior for a long time, I think I've finished it but I still can't, for example, face Rend (I can't take even 10 seconds), that's why I don't know what I'm missing to be able to face monsters like that size.

If you can guide me where I have to go I will appreciate it.

my skils and stats are these:

Anatomy                115
Mace                      120
parring                    100
tactics                    110

bushido                    100
chivalry                     100
necromancy               99

Strength                    122
Dexterity                    128
Intelligence                19

HCI      45
HDI       45
Swing Speed 50
Damage Increase  100


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    If you're building a sampire, that series is well worth watching. 

    -Good luck!

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    Idk if you're using a shield or not but, if you are then unequip it. That's the only way I can see a sampire having survivability problems, other than mismanagement of chivarly buffs. Bushido and Shields don't go together.

    On that note however, are you using Enemy of One, and if so are there other monsters around? Enemy of one basically gives you slayer damage increase towards one type of monster, while increasing the damage you take from all other types of monsters while it's active.

    What weapons are you using? I would assume a hammer pick for Armor Ignore, and either a black staff or war hammer for Whirlwind, those are really the only three weapons of value for a sampire with Macing.
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    And so your weapons have the proper leeches 
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    gay said:
    That's the only way I can see a sampire having survivability problems

    Some people just aren't meant to play a samp and it shows in their gameplay. I happen to be included in that list. 
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    “Don’t use arachnid cameo”
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    If he's killing you within 10 secs, you are probably getting hit hard with his breath attack.  It takes some timing to get right, but you want to use Evasion (Bushido) to help mitigate that.  If you are running 4/6 casting, you can get a Close Wounds (Chivalry) right after a big hit to keep yourself topped off.  Learning the small things can go a long way, like using Divine Fury (Chivalry) to refresh your stamina after a big hit, if your stamina leech isn't enough.  Spam Confidence (Bushido) pretty much on cooldown until you get comfortable in the fight.  I would recommend using Onslaught (Swords Mastery) every 4 hits, but I see you are a Macer instead.  I'm not actually sure what Mace Mastery brings, but during the recent event, my archers/throwers made very good use of the Chivalry Mastery.  +15 Mana and Rejuvenate is not a bad addition.  My sampires usually run around 15 Hit Point Regen, so the bleeds and higher poisons that do stick don't matter much in the long run.  Also some other details to look at, are you swinging at 1.25? That matters.  I see you have 50 SSI, but is that enough with the weapon you are using? What specials do you use? Armor Ignore and Double Strike tend to be the go-to's for the max drain/leech effect.  I'm just spitballing ideas at this point, but maybe hit on something.  Good luck.
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    I miss info about u weps, armor etc...

    *For killing Rend u need a reptile slayer or drago slayer prop. in u wep. Additionaly, a cameo. This prop can be imbued

    *Add leeches props in u wep like Leech Life, Mana and Stamina

    *In total u can imbue 5 props so last one u could add is area. Reading about Red in Uoguide, Poison is ur best option

    *A wep 100 elemental poison in this case should make more damage

    *U are a macer. For soloing a mob i run swords using a blade staff for Armor Ignore. U need to find a macer wep with AI (no idea sorry)

    *I run 80 chiv,  120 parrying or 120 bushido

    *U need too: III Masterie + City debuff for SSI

    *U could use refinements adding resis for ur suit
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