Client crash on exit causing crash loop on start up (Enhanced Client)

MariahMariah Posts: 1,619Moderator
Problem: Enhanced Client won't open
Cause: corrupted file in the My documents folder.
Because this is not a program file neither full file check nor uninstall and reinstall will fix it.

Solution (discovered by MissE)
with client closed, go to My Documents on your pc and re-name the client folder. Open the client, allowing the game to create a new client folder. You can now copy your user data information into the new folder.


  • sibblesibble Posts: 76
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    This didn't work for me.  I also tried reinstalling, deleting all files left after uninstall (user interfaces etc.) as well as the EA Games folder in Documents as you described.

    Please help :(

    EDIT: This happened after a Windows update.  Is it possible I need to clear the registry?  Where in the registry would I do that?
  • sibblesibble Posts: 76
    NVIDIA driver update fixed it for me.
  • I tore my hair out for months when my client crashed. Tried everything and this was my answer.
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  • MissEMissE Posts: 774
    The above problem occurs when the client crashes due to power outage or similar, not exiting correctly like just clicking the X instead of actually logging/exiting out correctly.  I know it has worked a few times to fix the problem.  Solution is save your user data file somewhere, rename the client file SA Enhanced Client to something else then open client and log in.  You can copy your user data folder back in to save your macros etc.

    Cheers MissE

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  • I'm having this issue w/ Windows 10, too! EC only -- CC works fine. I've done clean re-installs like 10 times. I even reinstalled windows. I've renamed the client file. Any suggestions would be awesome!
  • MariahMariah Posts: 1,619Moderator
    Re installing will affect the program files, but not the character files found in the 'documents' folder of your pc. As Miss E found, it's those files that are often at the route of the problem.
  • Hey Mariah! I’ve done that as well. I’ve even gone so far as to completely remove them and add them to a stick drive. For some reason when I got Windows 10, the enhanced client just stops after patch screen. (But it’ll still show under task list)
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