Newbie guide to making a raised sloped roof for your house.

 This is from a post I made on the Statics forum on how to make a sloped roof on a custom house.
 To start with you need to find the 4 roof tiles and cornet pieces that go with the slop of  the house.

A short and quick little guide for making a raised roof on a custom house as it took me hours to figure out how to do so. First off you go to the top floor and choose a roof style you like. Then figure out witch tiles go with what part of the roof you are building. Leave the corners blank for now. Now with the matching roof slope you want to pay down the first roof level then pump the roof level up by one and lay down the next roof level with one less tile on each end. Keep bumping up a roof level and lay down tiles leaving a blank on each end where the corner pieces go. Again with the appropriate corner piece lay one down on the fist roof level and bump up the roof level by one and lay the next corner tile till the roof is complete. Some areas will be red but will all be ok if the roof is set properly.

Custom roofs are confusing to start but not that complicated.

Edit: So do the shorter roof parts first. So if you house is 10 by 9 do the 9 part first


  • BruceBruce Posts: 27
    I always start at the peak.
    Use an even number of tiles for the width, put the peak one spot either south or east at an elevation the same as the distance of the far edge, then work your way to either side, going down one level each row.
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