Looking For Ideas

Looking for some ideas for a treasure hunting/salvaging/fishing house.

I'm looking for actual design inspiration moreso than deco. I'v been messing around on TC, and just can't come up with anything I like.


  • EricBloodaxeEricBloodaxe Posts: 10
    edited April 2018
    Atlantic shard, Trammel, this blue spot should provide some inspiration. You have to see it(and go inside) to fully appreciate the outside effect. The inside is unfinished.

    It plays on the water for it's theme, you'll see what I mean. Go up each floor and it adapts to it's surroundings, hard to explain. I'd share pictures of it but I am not in game right now.

    Current owner should still be Raptorfoot, the fellow I gave it to.
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  • BruceBruce Posts: 27
    I built a pretty good lighthouse/pier on a 10x14 peninsula on the north coast a few years ago. It made pretty good use of perspective to make the different floors appear to be on ground level. No pictures, but I could probably reproduce it on tc for you if it doesn't condemn my current place.I

    (I'm Rumetsch)
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