can Mesanna confirm that the first aid belts are NOT coming back?

If what I have read is true HOW did they even get onto the reward list if they were not supposed to.

That sleepy fella on the live stream is supposed to be quality assurance. Was he asleep when they added them?
Why were they removed

Just ANOTHER balls up by the dev team

So once again something useful is taken away by the school bully and nothing is said?????



  • poppspopps Posts: 3,612
    Excuse me ?

    Why on earth would the First Aid belts not be wanted to be on the Rewards list ?

    There's lots of players who could not participate to that Event back then who would like to get one.... and now was a good chance at getting one.

    They need to be brought back onto the Rewards list as they have fixed the +10% Healing issue.
  • Indeed.  That’s what I thought at first.  That they were removed to fix them

    another thread states that the devs said on a M&G that there were not supposed to be introduced and won’t be returning

    so in that case once again incompetence and a lucky few get rewards 
  • psychopsycho Posts: 250
    Man, you complain alot.

    The first aid belt didnt work as intended so they removed it.
    It will be added again later at some point, possible next week for all i know.
    Maybe next event, or next year, maybe in another form or shape.

    This is not the first time the first aid belt was in the game, it was there a couple of years ago also in the Kal Ankhur khaldun event.

    You can always buy it from someone if you find one for sale.
  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,145

    Lot of players were hoping for it though.

    I sort of don't get, how the item is different the 2nd time around, they have the coding for it, that stays fixed?

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    Yeah if it was a mistake putting on the list then the specs should be the same. Someone intentionally modified the specs, so it does not look like added by mistake. Anyway, can't see what is wrong letting players claim more belt. Is it over powered? No. Anyone need? I sold one at Atlantic and still has several from TO Khaldun in my inventory.
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    I think it's normal and a dev's duty to officially explain how that happened, regardless of whether or not you put the belt back in the reward.
    Yeah, it was UO that couldn't/won't do those obvious things.
  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    To be fair, it was broken from the start, very bad coding on it. In order for the game to recognise the bandages for a macro, you have to use one of the bandages first if you're not using a third party program for your bandage macro. 

    They may aswell program a new one.

    I can see a reason for why they won't bring it back:
    There are bugs that are over 2 years old that have not yet been able to be fixed. In order for this to be fixed before the 15th November 2020 deadline, they would have to cancel their standing crispy creme order for this month. 
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  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,041's kind of a weird glitchy item. You have to have the belt open as well on your screen for a last object macro to work. Only reason I have one is to have a stack of bandaids that can't get looted :)

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    psycho said:

    It will be added again later at some point, possible next week for all i know.

    Karana: Are there any plans to return the First Aid Belt to the rewards menu for deceit
    Mesanna: no there are not at this time

    Mesanna: The belt was a mistake

    Doesn't no mean no?
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  • So mesanna please answer the following questions

    1. If they were a mistake how did YOU the lead producer miss this?

    2. why are the already claimed shard bound belts not being deleted?

    3. why did one of YOUR team reduce the prices of items to a select few for a very short period of time? 10 points for the cloak and belts 

    4. no.3 is clearly an abuse of position by one of YOUR team, so who has been sacked for gross misconduct ?

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