Myrmidex Pits

Hello folks!

My boy and I are starting on our journeys through Eodon and we are at the point where we have to "win" in the myrmidex pits. We've been here for an hour or so doing our level best, but the lines aren't pushing ahead one way or the other. I get the distinct feeling we're missing something. I've googled to the ends of the internet trying ask the simple question "How do you win in the myrmidex pits" and have found nothing so far. I presume we're missing a quest chain to properly contribute or something. The uoguide seems to take it for granted that we can "push" the lines here for example:

Are we just not strong enough or are we missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated! The area is very interesting so far, but we don't know what to do at the moment.


  • MargeMarge Posts: 501
    What side did you choose? Are you killing abosolutely everything? AOE pets or weapons?

  • SethSeth Posts: 1,404
    edited October 2020
    Since you take this side: Myrmidex and Barrab tribespeople are on your side. Don’t kill them.
    So you need to kill the Eodonians.

    Once you get into the pit, click the flags to show how many Eodonians you still need to kill in the current Wave 1 before progressing to Wave 2. Each wave have 20, so after you kill 20/20, you can progress to next flag for Wave 2.

    If the enemies kill Myrmidex faster than you kill them, then they will progress instead.
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  • ZekeTerraZekeTerra Posts: 309
    Make sure you click on the Myrmidex Queen statue in the Southern Barrab tent if you plan to fight for their side to get the quest to Zippy, or click on the Standard in the Britainian camp if you plan to fight the Ant Queen.
  • Thank you guys! I just figured we were doing something wrong.
  • TynkTynk Posts: 36
    to help your side move along faster , attack them (they are grey) to have them follow you , then invis when you get to the next flag :)
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