Collected evidence against maragreta

Does anyone know what this is for?  It dropped into my backpack near Trinsic.  I found her ghost in Trinsic.  It has a lifetime of three days.  It looks like a blue book and weighs 100 stones.  Thanks.


  • Most-likely EM related.  Are you on Great Lakes perchance?  That sounds familiar.
  • AmberWitchAmberWitch Posts: 148
    What does the book say?
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 119
    Yes I am on Great Lakes.  It looks like a big blue book but it does not open when I click-on it.  I found Maragretas and Edwards ghosts together in what appears to be a small chapel in Trinsic.  Neither would speak to me.  I could not find anyplace to put the book.  I did put it on the floor but nothing happened.  I was not on a quest at the time it dropped into my pack.  Not sure when it dropped in but I believe it happened when I was dealing with the spawn from a stash chest.  Noticed it was in my pack after I had killed a mongbat.    I had not been in the City or Trinsic before it dropped. 
  • NorryNorry Posts: 271
    If it has a lifetime, its not em related.

    Thats a quest item, maybe one to start a quest.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 119
    Did a little more research.  May relate to the year 2012.  Found some rare artifacts listed for that year with her standing on the walls of Trinsic.  Could not find any information relating to the event.
  • Norry said:
    If it has a lifetime, its not em related.

    Not correct -- EM plot only items could have timers for various reasons.  I actually remember this character on GL.  She was in charge of Trinsic during the inter-regnum and ranged from being questionable to being, eventually full-on evil.  Sadly I have no specific recollection of this item but an excellent bet is that it's left over from an EM quest somehow.  I do remember various events where we tried to find evidence against her.
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