Adding all Characters to a guild as the GM

Baby_Firefly2000Baby_Firefly2000 Posts: 3
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So, I havent played this game for YEARS! I was able to recover my very very old account :) (YAY) However, I cannot remember how to add all my characters to my guild as the GM... anyone?


  • NorryNorry Posts: 404
    Have 2 accounts, make 1 leader, and all the rest emisarry
  • Only way to do it is to have more than one account? 
  • SableSable Posts: 194
    Or elevate another player to emissary and have them guild your characters, but creating an EJ account is very easy.  You can add a character on the EJ account, elevate it to emissary, and guild your other characters.
  • YES!!! Thats it, I knew there was a way. Perfect.Thank you Sable 
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