UO.com Player Wiki doesn't have info. on Provocation skill

There's no information there.  Can we get some information with this skill put there please?


  • Thanks!

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    so easy to use, this site's wiki, huh? great and intuitive search tool... not!
  • KitiaraKitiara Posts: 59
    Archangel said:
    so easy to use, this site's wiki, huh? great and intuitive search tool... not!
    If it helps, the wiki search accepts standard search operators. For example, a phrase in quotes will search for that exact phrase and not just instances of each word individually. The keywords AND and OR between search words or phrases are recognized. The use of a hyphen immediately before a word excludes results containing that word (for example, -scroll would eliminate any result with the word scroll in it). 
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    I just typed in Discordance -Publish Found every page relating to Bard skills.

    Also I find things faster by typing what I want to find in Google, then choose the UO site from there.
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    Yeah don't even bother to search on the wiki, use google.  This wiki is the worst site ever to actually USE.  I know it has been bought up before but it is really abysmal.  Go check out  how UO Guide wiki actually works and change it so that it actually operates like a wiki. 

    I always thought a wiki was supposed to be able to be edited by it's users.    Oh well.  At least google works. 

    Cheers MissE

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    MissE, my guess as to what we experience on the Wiki is not really what Broadsword would want.  However they are bound to the infrastructure provided by EA, and have very little control of any part of the website, including the Wiki.  I don't know why EA has a problem with a user-editable Wiki, but they obviously do.  That said, @Mariah has asked numerous times for specific details which should be updated, and she is responsive.
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    The uo wiki is more like a blog format than a wiki, which is really weird. 
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