Looking for Adam

Looking for Adam!
He ran a message board devoted to ultima online.
Thank you!


  • Hi!  I knew Adam and he hasn't been around in a very long time.  He sold his messageboard to Lord Chaos, but continued to work on it, Then he and Lord Chaos had a falling out and he left.  The messageboard went down 3 or 4 years ago.  That's all I have.  Wish I could be of more help.
  • SnuggsSnuggs Posts: 3
    Hail! Snugglebug/Snugglebunny from UOF. I still talk to Adam, I'll let him know your looking for him :)
  • PitrPitr Posts: 105
    Thank you  Luc!

    Hello Snugglebunny! It has been a while!

    Hope you are safe and thank you again!!!
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