hunter11hunter11 Posts: 144
please fix wrestling so they cannot disarm like they do fighting a wrestle parry anything with any melee or ranged skill is pointless they can and often do just disarm over and over with no delay other than how long it takes me to arm my weapon 


  • GeorgeGeorge Posts: 2
    also please fix fencing/macing/swordsmanship so they cannot disarm like they do. fighting a melee/ranged character while using a mage weapon is pointless because they can just disarm it then complain that i don't stand still.
  • hunter11hunter11 Posts: 144
    there is a timer on the melee weapon disarm and you cannot disarm with a ranged weapon it is completely different from having the wrestling skill and being able to disarm with no timer.. there is already a timer on how often weapon skill characters can disarm you @George
  • Please fix DCI so that parry or some bushido/parry combo isn't required to not get hit every time.
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