Drachenfels Developer Meet & Greet 2020

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Last night the developers were on our lovely Shard. Here now follows the protocol, have fun reading!  /
Gestern Abend waren die Entwickler auf unserem hübschen Shard. Hier folgt nun das Protokoll, viel Spass beim Lesen! 


EM Lyraa: Guten Abend!
EM Lyraa: Good evening!
Vermin: Hail
Achibal: hallooo
Potter: Hello
Lotte: Guten Abend
Majanna: hallo
Skyfall: hallo :-)
EM Lyraa: Hi!
Lady Mesanna says: hi guys we will be with you in a few moments
Sofia: look forward to you
EM Lyraa: Good evening Drachenfels, the Developer Meet & Greet starts in a few minutes!
EM Lyraa: Use the public moongates at the WBB, Luna and New Haven!
EM Lyraa: Guten Abend Drachenfels, das Developer Meet & Greet startet in ein paar Minuten!
EM Lyraa: Benutzt die Mondtore an der WBB, Luna und New Haven!

Mesanna: good evening Drachenfels
Mesanna: good afternoon Drizzt
Kyronix : Greetings!
Drizzt do Urden: Any news about static vs random resources?
Mesanna: no we have not made any changes to those
Drizzt do Urden: but will there be in the future?
Drizzt do Urden: or none for this year?
Mesanna: we have talked about a way to change it back
Mesanna: at this time we have not come to an idea weall like
Drizzt do Urden: Now that cheaters are handled more strict
Mesanna: until then we are not changing it
Mesanna: yes
Mesanna: we are trying
Drizzt do Urden: so it would be good to change it back for the honest
Drizzt do Urden: and you can catch the cheater
Mesanna: we understand what you are saying
Kyronix : We are looking at all aspects and considering what the outcomes would be
Kyronix : And look forward to future feedback
Drizzt do Urden: there were longer discussions on forum, with most favoring static resources
Drizzt do Urden: I dont see much downsides for static ones
Mesanna: as soon as we come up with a good solution we will let you guys know
Drizzt do Urden: whats so bad in make it static again?
Mesanna: there are alot of back end issues
Drizzt do Urden: like?
Mesanna: we are not going to just go back in time and have to deal with it once again
Mesanna: we have to do things better
Mesanna: or there is no reason to make this change
Mesanna: we are trying to be smart and careful
Mesanna: its not a fact of just changing it back
Drizzt do Urden: that would be a fast easy solution
Mesanna: but not the best solution
Drizzt do Urden: honest miners are suffering the random system for years
Mesanna: but we will let you know once we come up with a good solution for both sides
Mesanna: thank you for your comments though
Drizzt do Urden: well but it takes years since we ask for a change
Drizzt do Urden: ok

Albertus Magnus: huch
Kyronix : Greetings!
Albertus Magnus: good evening together
Mesanna: good evening
Albertus Magnus: as a crafter i have some issue with gargoyle gear
Mesanna: what kind of issues
Albertus Magnus: necklace, earrings and some other stuff cannot be enhanced
Albertus Magnus: when it will be changed?
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: that is as design at this time
Albertus Magnus: wonderful
Mesanna: if we made it so you could enhance it then it would over cap resists etc
Mesanna: so no we are not changing those
Albertus Magnus: sad to hear. would it be able to increas at least luck with imbuing?
Albertus Magnus: or just luck with enhancement
Mesanna: hrm
Mesanna: but you can do that
Mesanna: you can inbut luck
Albertus Magnus: not for tinker crafted items
Albertus Magnus: no i mean enhance the stuff
Albertus Magnus: luck to 190
Mesanna: not sure we are going to do that, it would require a refactor of Imbuing
Mesanna: not to 190
Albertus Magnus: Bleak ..
Albertus Magnus: give Gargoyles a chance
Mesanna: anything else?
Albertus Magnus: one last
Albertus Magnus: i hope i will suvive this
Albertus Magnus: Does the biggest and boldest endeavor mean the opening from UO on the steam plattform?
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: when everyting is planned out we will reveal
Albertus Magnus: thanks for the answers
Mesanna: until then we are keeping it under wraps
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: be safe
Albertus Magnus: Bleak
Kyronix : So long!

Mesanna: good evening
Bela Lugosi: hello
Mesanna: hi
Bela Lugosi: why i cant find my ornitologist maps
Mesanna: excuse me
Bela Lugosi: this ones
Mesanna: not sure of the question we did not take them
Bela Lugosi: i cant find spot of these maps
Mesanna: that event is approx 10 years ol
Mesanna: not even sure it works properly at this time
Mesanna: we will have to look into that to be honest
Bela Lugosi: thx alot
Mesanna: thank you

Mesanna: greetings
asd: This is more for bleak/kyronix.. not sure where bleak is! nonetheless! jk he made it!.
asd: the pvp community has been urging changes since before september 2019.
asd: We finally got some changes!
asd: but there are a few issues going un noticed
asd: Evasion that was supposed to be nerfed seems to have no change at all.
asd: e tried to do some testing and the numbers dont seem to match to what the evasion reduction
asd: is supposed to
asd: can this get looked into to make sure its wokring properly
You see:  Lord AstroSphere Dinosaur Hunter
asd: or tuned properly
You see:  Lord AstroSphere Dinosaur Hunter
asd: well, as far as actual numbers i will have to email.
asd: but we had 8 people exp/fs someone who hit evade
asd: evaded all but 1 spell.
asd: previously they would have evaded it all.
asd: we did that 5 times
asd: and only once did more than one spell make it through
asd: so thats 16 spells casted, and one button absorbs/negates 15 of 16
asd: doesnt seem to be working properly or how it should.
asd: and personally notice zero difference since change.
asd: almost all pvpers across the game ive played with agree.. no noticable difference.
asd: i just ask to check into it and make sure it is in fact working properly, and if it is adjust more.
asd: okay, in the future can we look at maybe tuning it more/adding more penalty to those with more
asd: than 800 skill points
asd: thanks for verifying.
asd: secondly
asd: there are numerous issues still with vvv
asd: u can bypass the resigning time by leaving guild loggin in and out
asd: that has blues going orange vvv, and can go blue still be flagged to a orange but not vvv anymore
asd: if a blue flags a blue vvv, they do not go criminal.
asd: they go orange.
asd: when they in fact should go criminal and vvv flagged
asd: all in all as well there was announcement at 20th anni party of vvv revamp?
asd: i know its alot of work on your guys end
asd: but publish after publish uo pvpers are left in the dark
asd: there are many suggestions and solutions to bring some incentive back to pvp/murderer's/vvv
Mesanna: Asd
asd: its just frustrating to rally for changes since september Of 2019
Mesanna: we know there are some improvements we can make
Mesanna: we know PVPers want a better platform to fight
asd: to only see 820+ skill point players running around evading 300 damage.
Mesanna: if you have specific things you would like for us to look at then email us so we can have a
Mesanna: discussion
asd: yes i can do that.
Mesanna: that would be great
Mesanna: and much appreciated
asd: thank you.
asd: for the next publish
Mesanna: most welcome
asd: are there any more plans for pvp changes?
Mesanna: no major pvp changes
Mesanna: there might be a few bug fixes but I do not have them in front of me
Mesanna: at this time
Mesanna: so do not hold me to it
asd: speaking of that
Mesanna: but please
asd: the discordance + time delay on + skill
Mesanna: make sure you test on TC1 and give feeback
asd: causes skills to bug out until log in and log out
Mesanna: add that to the email please
asd: okay
asd: does bleak/kyronix take email
Mesanna: we appreciate your suggestions and feeback
asd: or just you
Mesanna: no
asd: i know pvp is a diffucult subject to try and maintain, as it affects more than just pvp
asd: so thank you
Mesanna: but I share all emails of this type
Mesanna: thank you for your understanding
asd: but dont forget about us!
Mesanna: never!!

Vermin: Thank you for the IDOC changes, they are awesome
Mesanna: wonderful
Vermin: Could you please make treasure maps change typs when they reset each month?
Kyronix : Thanks for the feedback!
Kyronix : Like the profession and such?
Vermin: aye
Kyronix : Instead of just the location?
Vermin: please
Kyronix : Nope, sorry
Vermin: lol
Vermin: Would you please remove changeling renegades from Hoard maps, historically they are on Trove level maps
Mesanna: we feel that would upset alot of people
Vermin says: they make hoard maps undoable'
Kyronix : Were they not on that level map during the initial T-Map update?
Vermin says: no
Vermin says: level 7
Kyronix : Oh I see what you are saying
Vermin says: they are unbearable compared to other facets
Kyronix : We can re-evaluate it
Vermin says: thank you
Mesanna: thanks


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    Mesanna: greetings
    Lizzy: hail
    Lizzy: When a paragon chest is dyed there is currently no way to restore it to its orig
    Lizzy: Can you please make the scouring toxin work on paragon chests?
    Lizzy: or give us some mechanism to restore the chest to the original hue?
    Mesanna: that is the chance you are going to take with those
    Lizzy: bummer
    Lizzy: Using Legible Journal ...Can u make the blue text a bit darker?
    Kyronix : There's no way for us to identify the original hue
    Lizzy: ok, got it
    Lizzy: Using Legible Journal ...Can u make the blue text a bit darker?
    Mesanna: we will talk to bleak
    Lizzy: ok ty
    Lizzy: faretheewell
    Mesanna: any thing else
    Mesanna: bye
    Mesanna: stay safe

    Mesanna: greetings
    Selene: hey
    Selene: i have question i make sometime ago
    Selene: harvester blade
    Selene: could it be like to choose wich material to take from corpses
    Selene: now it takes all and its kind of useles
    Selene: cause takes like 30 meat etc
    Selene: from corpses
    Mesanna: but it just increase what you already get
    Selene: but it gathers items too
    Selene: to you back
    Mesanna: the satchel or blade
    Selene: i would ask change to choose what you gathering
    Selene: harvester blade
    Selene: that from turkey quest etc
    Selene: giant birds
    Mesanna: meal leather feathers and scales
    Mesanna: is all it is supposed to gather
    Mesanna: are you saying you want to tell it not to gather meat
    Selene: yes but i mean i need drop stuff back to ground cause overweight
    Mesanna: for example
    Selene: yes exactly
    Selene: i asked this like 7 yearas ago too
    Selene: :P
    Mesanna: hrm
    Selene: but thx
    Selene: for times and i hope see change someday
    Selene: :-)
    Mesanna: its harder to do because of what you can use it on
    Mesanna: and the variety of what it gathers
    Mesanna: we will talk about it
    Selene: yes it may be too superior then too
    Selene: like cutting goods etc
    Selene: but thx

    Woozoo: Any chance that the beacons on sea are removed? They are annoying for pirate and merchant hunters.
    Mesanna: greetings
    Woozoo: heya
    Kyronix : We have no plans to remove those
    Woozoo: too bad
    Kyronix : We are looking to expand the rewards from that content cluster in a future publish
    Kyronix : As they are quite popular
    Woozoo: I see
    Woozoo: maybe move them to a different spot than the pirates and merchants
    Kyronix : The seas be a dangerous place
    Mesanna: we are not moving them
    Mesanna: sorry
    Woozoo: ok

    Mesanna: Greetings
    Rupert Avery: Hi!
    Mesanna: hi
    Kyronix : Hello!
    Mesanna: oh welcome back
    Rupert Avery says: 15ish year break it has been an eye opener
    Mesanna: oh I bet
    Mesanna: you have alot to look at
    Rupert Avery says: On that note, is there anything you guys are thinking to help returing players like myself
    Mesanna: IMO trying to build a returning player experiece is really hard
    Mesanna: because you have many levels of players
    Mesanna: some will want to do the activies and some just jump right now
    Rupert Avery says: I get that :-)
    Rupert Avery says: one more question,
    Mesanna: I would love to hear your person options as to what would make you feel you need
    Mesanna: to process with UO
    Mesanna: email me please
    Rupert Avery says: Account age, at what point of the months cycle does the month go up?
    Kyronix : We also have a returning player page on UO.com
    Kyronix : And some great activities in the Town Cryer to get you back up to speed
    Kyronix : Many quests! Fun adventures! Such excitement!
    Mesanna: you mean for vet rewards?
    EM Lyraa: **fires cannon**
    Rupert Avery says: My account says 71 months right now, I just wonder what stage in the month does it go up to 72
    Rupert Avery says: is it a set time in the month for everyone or based on when created?
    Mesanna: looks at Bleak
    Mesanna: you know what
    Mesanna: we actually have to look it up
    Mesanna: and we will add that to the question of the next newsletter
    Lady Mesanna says: and we will add that to the question of the next newsletter
    Rupert Avery says: That would be great. I will email you with some thoguhts on returning players
    Mesanna: but we think its based of your sub date
    Mesanna: but don' hold us to it
    Mesanna: good deal
    Mesanna: thank you and please stay safe
    Rupert Avery says: okay, just trying to estblish if by subbing I added a month or will it go up while subbed
    Rupert Avery says: thank you and nice to meet you all
    Mesanna: nice to meet you also
    Kyronix : You as well!
    Mesanna: and welcome back

    Mesanna: greetings
    Kyronix : Hello!
    Mesanna: Willie?
    Willie:  hi
    Willie: met you at the 20th
    Mesanna: *smiles*
    Mesanna: do you have a question?
    Kyronix : That was a great time!
    Willie: I was wondering if there is any contact with Hawkeye Pike
    Willie:  aye it was
    Mesanna: have not heard from him in a while
    Willie: aye it was
    Willie: no i miss that guy
    Willie: he was a great plus to the game
    Mesanna: Willie your question my friend?
    Willie: taught me much
    Mesanna: or was that your question?
    Willie: Hawkeye Pike have you seen him?
    Mesanna: no
    Mesanna: we have not
    Willie: thank you
    Mesanna: if we do we will tell him you are looking for him
    Willie: thanks matey
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings
    Kyronix : Hello!
    Mesanna: any questions
    Sofia: ah, I also was looking for Hawkeye Pike.  He led the United Pirates on Cats, with a great rool play
    Mesanna: or just lagging
    Mesanna: we have not seen him as stated before
    Kyronix : Have you tried to contact him via his website?
    Kyronix : If you google United Pirates Catskills it pops up
    Sofia: No I have not he has a Website?
    Kyronix : Yes, for his guild the United Pirates
    Sofia: ah I will have to check that out
    Sofia: Thank you so much
    Sofia: he was German
    Kyronix : Most welcome!
    Mesanna: have a nice evening
    Kyronix : Aye, had many good conversations with him during High Seas
    Sofia: and was hoping to find him here
    Sofia: aye good man
    Sofia: He placed me as guild leader of UP when he left
    Sofia: Alas I am no match for his talent
    Mesanna: *nods*
    Sofia: thank you for your time
    Mesanna: Might you have any other question?
    Mesanna: if not stay safe
    Sofia says: no i enjoy this shard
    Mesanna: good
    Sofia says: thank you
    Mesanna: thank yo
    Mesanna: you

    Octavia: Hello team!
    Mesanna: wow nice outfit
    Octavia: Thank you!
    Mesanna: you should walk around saying Flame on!!
    Octavia: Just wanted to let you know that the sarado champ spawn in tukono on europa is bugged
    Mesanna: sorry your question
    Mesanna: we know
    Octavia: It dont spawn correctly
    Mesanna: we have a fix that is going out tomorrow
    Octavia: Can you guys do a quick fix for tonight?
    Mesanna: we hope it resolves the issue
    Mesanna: no tomorrow during the publish
    Octavia: Thank you!
    Octavia: Thats it for me
    Mesanna: thank you
    Octavia: *Smile*
    Mesanna: stay safe
    Octavia: Same!
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    Mesanna: greetings
    Shadow Foxx says: Hello
    Shadow Foxx says: Any way to make some sort of tool/device that allows for the tradeskills that are 100
    Shadow Foxx says: to have the same chance to repair items, like the tradeskills that are 120?
    Shadow Foxx says: Currently tinkering fletch and carp fails a lot on repairs due to only 100 skill
    Shadow Foxx says: but blacksmith and other 120 skills are almost 100% suceessful to repair items
    AstroSphere: someone ask if they can make the craftable walls able to be used with transprency
    Shadow Foxx says: is very annoying repairing stone armor and failing 5 times :-(
    Mesanna: hrm that is a big discussion
    Mesanna: leave it or raise the skills
    Shadow Foxx says: I can't imagine that's by some sort of design
    Mesanna: if we do what wikkl it do
    Mesanna: lots to look at frore just making a change
    Shadow Foxx says: not necessarily asking for skills to go to 120 just maybe a tool that gives +skill so we can repair b
    Shadow Foxx says: or a tool that gives better repair chance to bring in line wtih 120 trade skills
    Mesanna: we will look at it
    Mesanna: and see if its possible
    Shadow Foxx says: great
    Shadow Foxx says: next vendor search. hasn't worked properly since pub 106 in august
    Mesanna: if there is no 120 then you should have a chance
    Mesanna: what is not working
    Shadow Foxx says: constant results too vague
    Shadow Foxx says: (this is for atlantic, im not sure other shards are like this)
    AstroSphere: all shards the same
    Mesanna: we need to do maintenance on the server, once that time frame is figured out
    Mesanna: we will let you know
    Shadow Foxx says: successful vendor search on atlantic since august/puib 106 is like winning the lottery
    Mesanna: but we have to take it down to fix it
    Shadow Foxx says: ok ty. last one
    Shadow Foxx says: randomized gates at em events for boss
    Shadow Foxx says: its a good idea but when my friends and I get split up
    Shadow Foxx says: we cant cross heal or resurrect
    Shadow Foxx says: EM says this change is to hurt multiboxers but
    Shadow Foxx says: it also hurts legitimate players also
    Mesanna: its needed to split groups
    Shadow Foxx says: when EM does not spawn healers you need friends to res you
    Shadow Foxx says: and no friends no healers, sad players
    Shadow Foxx says: many shards had done 2 gates previously and that seemed to work ok
    Mesanna: the change was put in because of large groups of players
    Mesanna: complaining about the same on one mob
    Mesanna: so we started doing 2
    Shadow Foxx says: ya 2 boss is good I agree
    Mesanna: and we had to give the EM a simple way to drop one stone and divide the group
    Shadow Foxx says: i agree but it had consequences because in past the em would drop 2 gate
    Shadow Foxx says: now just 1 gate you get split from your party, friends, guildmates
    Shadow Foxx says: no cross heal, no vet, no bar
    Shadow Foxx says: bard*
    Shadow Foxx says: anyways, that's all I have
    Shadow Foxx says: OH real fast, on the same note
    Shadow Foxx says: EM seem to bring players to same place in ilshenar mountain for bosses
    Shadow Foxx says: maybe make some area in the world on different servers that is just a flat open area
    Shadow Foxx says: with static healers
    Shadow Foxx says: ok that's all for real now, thank you

    Pameleigha: Hi and good to see you all :-)
    Mesanna: greetings
    Mesanna: you also
    Pameleigha: :-)
    Mesanna: glad you are all safe
    Pameleigha:  few questions
    Pameleigha: thanks and same!
    Pameleigha: TOT tomarties
    Pameleigha: Chest of heirlooms new dro unopened orunlocked
    Pameleigha: tehminister of trade is not seeing them
    Pameleigha: to turn them in
    Pameleigha: Also on Chesapeake anyway
    Mesanna: hrm we will look into it
    Mesanna: and let you know
    Kyronix : We have no plans to change it however, one way or the other
    Pameleigha: we are getting blackrock as drops and I got a mempo of nothing  and a random sword of nothing at all on it
    Kyronix : At this time we aren't updating the ToT event
    Pameleigha: as drops
    Pameleigha: Oh noo lol
    Pameleigha: also we have seen a reccent influx of returning players as well
    Mesanna: do you have the mempo
    Pameleigha: and I see the biggest setback for them
    Pameleigha: noI tossed it
    Mesanna: hrm
    Pameleigha: it was just a plain mempo with no thing on it at all
    Pameleigha: and this was on Chesapeake shard
    Mesanna: did it have that name?
    Pameleigha: no
    Pameleigha: ws like one you would make as a new ish tailor
    Pameleigha: or low level loot with no properties on it
    Pameleigha: I also got a ruby as a drop
    Pameleigha: just a plain ruby
    Pameleigha: LOL
    Kyronix : This is all very possible
    Pameleigha: but we are getting a lot of blackrock
    Kyronix : You have to understand that we turned on ToT outside of our normal dev cycle
    Pameleigha: nods
    Kyronix : We litereally flipped a switch
    Kyronix : Instead of the normal review, refactor, etc etc
    Pameleigha: Nods
    Mesanna: we opened this to give people  more to do
    Pameleigha: well, its entertaining :-)
    Mesanna: it was not altered in any way from the last time it was presented
    Pameleigha: and now I know how to answer people when they ask LOL
    Mesanna: lol good
    Mesanna: anythink else
    Pameleigha: our returned players mostly I see a problem with sticker shock of consumables
    Mesanna: anything too
    Pameleigha: is there a way to make like arrows and bolts
    Pameleigha: reset daily? so prices dont go beyoond
    Pameleigha: what folk can afford?
    Pameleigha: IE a new player shoots a 30 GP ararow at a headless and misses
    Pameleigha: cant replace that arrow
    Kyronix : Arrows and shafts for free!
    Pameleigha: I think that is stopping new and returning layers
    Kyronix : Feathers even!
    Mesanna: exactly
    Pameleigha: if they hit the bird they are aimint at, yes
    Mesanna: learther to gather is better than giving money
    Mesanna: new playes need to know all aspects of the game
    Pameleigha: oh I know teach a man to  hunt
    Mesanna: take them to the harpies
    Mesanna: los of fun
    Pameleigha: but if you cant hit the bird with the arrow
    Pameleigha: you cant get feathers
    Mesanna: lots of feathers
    Pameleigha: the hit/miss rte is toohigh
    Pameleigha: rate even
    Mesanna: umm
    Pameleigha: too high for missing
    Mesanna: hrm
    Mesanna: I use  a bow all the time as a player
    Pameleigha: nods
    Mesanna: I don't have issues
    Mesanna: with gathering feathers
    Pameleigha: as an experienced player
    Pameleigha: I amtalking new players
    Pameleigha: it is frustrating for them
    Pameleigha: they miss to omuch
    Mesanna: to learn to gather resources
    Mesanna: they also should read the new player wiki then
    Pameleigha: when a player shoots an arrow at a chicken to kill it
    Pameleigha: they miss
    Pameleigha: newplayer
    Pameleigha: they get no feathers then
    Kyronix : Can always punch and stab it!
    Pameleigha: and arrows are like 30 - 50 GP each
    Pameleigha: haha
    Pameleigha: chase the chicken!
    Pameleigha: its frustrating for them
    Kyronix : Sometimes you have to use other methods in the building stages
    Pameleigha: nods
    Pameleigha: I think that is my laundry list then
    Kyronix : It's part of the aspirational gameplay loop
    Pameleigha: dont sart off as an archer
    Pameleigha: :-)
    Kyronix : I want to be a archer, I need arrows to train with but I suck at shooting
    Kyronix : So you have to start with something else.  Beating and stabbing chickens
    Kyronix : So on and so forth
    Kyronix : Or hit them with an axe since you need that for your shafts as well
    Kyronix : Until you get rich enough to buy them
    Kyronix : So on and so on
    Pameleigha: nods love tha tsound
    Kyronix : The lop goes
    Kyronix : loop even
    Kyronix : Thanks for the feedback though!
    Pameleigha: any time
    Pameleigha: thanks for your time all of you!
    Pameleigha: that's all the questions I have
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    Mesanna: hi Emma
    Kyronix : Hello!
    Emma: Well Hi
    Emma says: Well Hi
    Emma says: Im so excited
    Mesanna: good
    Mesanna: why
    Mesanna: please share
    Emma says: Im here!!!
    Kyronix : Hooray!
    Emma says: I cant even type
    You fire the cannon!
    EM Lyraa: *fires cannon again*
    Mesanna: lol
    Mesanna: we are here for you
    Emma says: Ok, im sure you all seen the message from Avatar in general caht
    Emma says: selling good and such. My question is are the team doing anything to stop this?
    Mesanna: the spammer
    Mesanna: yes we are on a constant fight with him
    Emma says: yes
    Mesanna: we are always trying
    Mesanna: as with any hacker fix one hole and other popps up
    Emma says: im sorry
    Mesanna: itsok
    Emma says: lost connection
    Emma says: I returned from 97 to see the economy is crazy
    Mesanna: yes many changes
    Emma says: were talking 200m for items
    Mesanna: players set high prices
    Emma says: indeed they do and to legititmaly make that kind of money would take ages from killing say dragons
    Emma says: so suggetion would be to have some sort of world boss that hands out checks for higher amounts of gold or something to the sort
    Emma says: I know its sily
    Emma says: i feel dumb
    Mesanna: not dumb
    Mesanna: no suggestion or idea is dumb
    Kyronix : One of the downsides of having a 22 year old economy
    Mesanna: trust me we come up with alot of them
    Emma says: Aww
    Kyronix : According to some all of them
    Mesanna: but there is still alot to enjoy
    Mesanna: and learn
    Emma says: indeed and i love it
    Mesanna: we have added alot of new things to the game
    Emma says: i wont hold up anymore for anyone else waiting
    Mesanna: thank you and please stay safe
    Emma says: Oh does GM Spitfire still work?
    Mesanna: nope
    Mesanna: he moved on
    Emma says: Ok Thank you. You all be safe :-)
    Mesanna: you also

    Pitti Sing: Uff!
    Mesanna: greetings Pitti
    Pitti Sing: Hail Mesanna, Hail Bleak and Kyronix.
    Pitti Sing: Good evening
    Kyronix : Well met!
    Pitti Sing: *Blushes* I knew I'd be teleported but still it caught me by surprise.
    Mesanna: no love for Misk
    Mesanna: sorry
    Lady Pitti Sing says: It's fine
    Mesanna: what can we do for you today
    Lady Pitti Sing says: hm...
    Lady Pitti Sing says: I am a passionate crafter and live mainly to gather resources and to fill Bulk Order Deeds.
    Lady Pitti Sing says: My plea is to reduce the weight of cut leather so that it's more in line with the weight of ingots.
    Lady Pitti Sing says: This would help tremendously when gathering leather, as I wouldn't need to constantly interrupt my
    Lady Pitti Sing says: hunting.
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Also, when filling BoDs, I wouldn't need to replenish as often.
    Mesanna: that is a valid request
    Mesanna: we can look into it
    Lady Pitti Sing says: I'm an old crafter, and suffer from RSI.
    Lady Pitti Sing says: That would be wonderful!
    Mesanna: what is RSI
    Lady Mesanna says: what is RSI
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Repetativie strain injury
    Mesanna: ahhh ok
    Mesanna: ouch
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Indeed *nods*
    Mesanna: anything else Pitti
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Well, as a matter of fact...
    Mesanna: they are not ours they are actually the designs of the players
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Would there be a possibility to increase the possibilities?
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Say, sandstone, plaster, wood, and such
    Mesanna: no we are probably not going to be adding additional times to the house
    Lady Pitti Sing says: That is a shame
    Mesanna: sorry
    Lady Pitti Sing says: But I understand
    Mesanna: thank you
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Thank you too
    Lady Pitti Sing says: Do have a pleasant evening, and stay healthy
    Mesanna: you also
  • EM LyraaEM Lyraa Posts: 120Event Moderator
    edited March 2020
    fizzler: hi
    Mesanna: hi
    fizzler: u have closed the fellowdhip shop
    Kyronix : Yes, the Fellowship shop has closed
    fizzler: yet i can still fill soulbinders
    fizzler says: yet i can still fill soulbinders
    fizzler: r u planning anything for them
    fizzler says: r u planning anything for them
    Mesanna: looking up some things first
    Mesanna: before we speak
    fizzler: k
    Kyronix : The Soulbinders & the Pumpkinizations will be disabled with the next coming Hotfix
    Kyronix : Which is slated to be deployed tomorrow during maintenance
    fizzler: so we cannot turn in what we have left?
    Kyronix : Correct
    fizzler: thx
    fizzler: take care
    Mesanna: stay safe

    Mrs Luna: good evening,
    Mesanna: Greetings
    Mrs Luna: my question is aboout the historical flagg for the
    Mrs Luna: 10 yrs house
    Mesanna: yes?
    Mrs Luna: my castle is over 10 yrs and I emailed you 3 times
    Mesanna: ok
    Mesanna: I have not been doing them when we are doing publishes
    Mesanna: when I have down time I will catch them up
    Mesanna: if yiu gave me all the info to find the house
    Lady Mesanna says: it should not be any problem this week
    Mrs Luna: do you want them now?
    Mesanna: did you email them to me
    Mesanna: email it again with all the locations on it and I will get to it
    Mesanna: if I have it this week
    Mrs Luna: ok thank you
    Mesanna: most welcome
    Mrs Luna: one more question about the black rock in the tukuno event can you trade them?
    Mesanna: can you stop casting please
    Misk says: no, you cannot
    Mrs Luna: ok sorry about macros
    Misk says: you can turn them in for cleanup britannia points or use them for crafting specific items
    Mrs Luna: ok
    Mesanna: your chilvary book is in the bag in your pack
    Mrs Luna: thank you thats all the question s i had
    Mrs Luna says: thank you thats all the question s i had
    Mrs Luna: you have a evening
    Mesanna: you also
    Mrs Luna: stay safe
    Mesanna: and well

    Mesanna: greetings
    Rico Lorenzonati says: Will you bring back bane dragons at some point
    Mesanna: maybe in a different location different time
    Rico Lorenzonati says: okay
    Rico Lorenzonati says: No major artie dyes in TOT?
    Mesanna: nope
    Lady Mesanna says: nope
    Rico Lorenzonati says: okay
    Rico Lorenzonati says: ty
    Mesanna: but there are abvaialbe in the store
    Mesanna: wow available
    Rico Lorenzonati says: okay
    Mesanna: butchered that spelling
    Rico Lorenzonati says: ty
    Mesanna: thank you

    new: oh my turn
    Mesanna: hello New
    new: hi hello
    new: Iam europe plaer help alot off Ej's
    new: the Quest is
    new: Can we have a Extra optioon
    new: in our house
    new: for Ej account frinds
    new says: for Ej account frinds
    new: and
    new: a Box with select name
    new: for them
    new: to drop therer thing
    Mesanna: no we can not
    new: will be nice
    new: oh
    new: hm
    new: oke
    Mesanna: If an EJ account wants a house then he can sub
    Mesanna: that is the whole point
    new: yae I see
    new: oke ty
    new: a another quest,
    Mesanna: thank you
    Mesanna: ok
    new: when is Europa dev meeting,
    new: I will be there, and note my quest down,
    new: inrela
    new: to make bneter
    new: to ask beter proper
    Mesanna: yes its on the 27th april at 4 pm
    Mesanna: on Europa
    new: oh I more month, oke
    new: I note down
    new: ty
    new: will be beter to ask quest,
    new: then now,
    new: :-)
    new: ty alot
    new: can I go now
    new: aye
    new: look plz
    Mesanna: thank you
    new: some one forget he's shoe's here
    new: :-P
    new: lol
    new: ty
    new: I go now
    new: :-)
    Mesanna: have a good evening
    new: Iam returner
    new: and account is 114 monhs
    Mesanna: lol
    new: how long need I to wait for
    new: trasfer shiekld ?
    Mesanna: 15 years
    new: so 4 year more
    Mesanna: welcome
    new: ty
    new: ty all off you ;-) goodnight
    Mesanna: night

    new: Good night devs  and Em
    EM Lyraa: Good night, until soon! *waves*
    Mesanna: Good night Drach
    Kyronix : Thank you Drachenfels! Please everyone stay safe and healthy!
    EM Lyraa: Thanks Mesanna, Misk, Kyronix and Bleak for having us!
    Kyronix : Good evening!
    Fairy Godmother: thanks for coming and answering questions
    Bleak says: Thanks everyone for coming out
    Mesanna: thanks guys
    EM Lyraa: Thanks Mesanna, Misk, Kyronix and Bleak for having us!
    Mesanna: please be safe
    Nicnivin: Thank you for coming
    EM Lyraa: Vielen Dank Mesanna, Misk, Kyronix und Bleank dass ihr hier wart!
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