Serado Spawn in Tokuno BUGGED again?

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
On Lake Austin, we just had the spawn drop from 11 red, 2 white skulls to SEVEN Red, and the altar is not advancing anymore.


  • BasaraBasara Posts: 163
    Update: Now down to 6, and it's obvious that NOTHING is respawning at the spawn. All we are killing are leftovers.
  • BasaraBasara Posts: 163
    UPDATE: It just happened again, tonight. This Time, I was STANDING BY THE ALTAR - and saw EXACTLY what happened.

    So, we were at 11 red, one white.

    We'd been fighting the spawn, and it didn't seem to be progressing past the first white candle.

    Then the white candle disappeared.
    A second later, Red Candle #11 Disappeared
    Less than a second later, Red Candle #10 Disappeared
    Then Candle #9
    Then Candle #8.

    Within 3-5 seconds, it dropped from 11 red, 1 white to 7 red, no white.
    And stuff stopped respawning.
    And, you could recall from standing ON the altar, despite there still being 7 red skulls still on it.
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    edited March 2020
    Also on Siege happen the same... I noticed that when the bug start, you don't get anymore the message from killing monsters that increase your valor... When it reach 3-4 red skull it start again to work and sometimes it goes up and sometimes instead after one red candle, it stops again,..
    Little edit:
    Server restart doesn't fix it but after a while it started to works again and at the moment work (still don't know for how long)... And i tested for 30 minutes while it's bugged and no drop at all.
    Seems like, for a strange reason, the champ spawn get bugged and move in "another" location
  • Same on Europa this morning

  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,132Dev
    We are investigating the issue.
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