Well, this is it. I'm done. Closing 14 accounts.

I've hardly played in a month and just don't feel the desire to play.

I put in a solid year from December 2018 to December 2019.  Developed and finished some characters on Siege and pretty much played Siege exclusively for the year.  Only took a break and worked on Pacific during the Artisan Festival.

Nothing that I expect or want from the game has been delivered during this year.  This latest publish is an absolute joke.  It's quite clear to me that these devs simply just don't get it. They have no clue what we the players want or they don't care.  I believe the later. They are treating UO like it's their own personal sandbox and we, the paying customer just don't matter.  It's way past time for EA to make a change. Maybe if enough accounts close EA will take notice.

Most of my accounts are on 6 months game-time so it will be a short while for them all to wind down but it starts this week by not renewing two accounts.


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    Sorry to see you go. Remember to load up your bank boxes and backpacks with things you might want if you ever return. If you have not used all your character slots create mule characters to hold stuff for you.

  • remember to get blue Beatles for non gargoyle chars for extra 125 items you sit on while logged out 
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    Sorry to see you go Ezekiel. You were always a decent player to interact with on Pac, on the few occasions we did. Good luck!

    Toward the end of 2018 I closed one of my three accounts as well. Was going to wind down and close out the other two, but then saw this in the newsletter last March...

    "5.  Will the auto open corpses feature be added to the EC?

    We have a number of EC performance and utility improvements scheduled over the next several publishes, and can add this feature to the list we'd like to implement."

    The idea of some actual EC improvements got me to stick around with 2 accounts for the last year. (I even re-upped my third with a couple one months to do some HS content.) However, the statement above never materialized. Feel kinda like a sucker now. 

    Anyway, I've decided to wait and see what the new big plan is, but my expectations are low. I may well be following you out the door. 
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    Even if everyone left they wouldn't care.

  • jelinidasjelinidas Posts: 352
    We are just guests in their playpen. Proving this over and over. The devs in my opinion seem intent on making their mark and sticking to schedules. I met you during one of the housing contests, had a great chat. Sorry to see you go. 
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    Dont know why you think the last patch is a joke? By reading the notes looks like they are trying to stop cheaters. The rest of the patch notes are just minor things and some cosmetics. Maybe I am missing something? 
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    Thank you for your feed back. I believe you can also fill out an exit form with additional input if you wish.
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