The "Social Game" on Cats

I've been off and on the game over the past year or so and find that what I miss most about the "old uo" is not the pre-Tram sense of adventure (I do miss it, but that's not tops on the list), or the grind of truly building and learning as I went...its the lack of social interaction on the shard. Yes, I realize there are some people, but if it isn't a net drop from the docks or something similar its tough to find anyone anywhere. If you aren't an RP'er then its even more difficult.  I wandered and gated through fel the other night and hit every city and most dungeons and saw exactly 0 people. I went to every non-Fel city and saw exactly 0 people outside of Luna. The drop in player population is obviously the principal cause, but I wonder what (if anything) we players can do to further spark the interaction on the shard. Auctions used to be great and fun events, player-run towns were awesome...things like that.  I don't know if I have any suggestions outside of setting up towns and auctions but would like to hear other ideas and thoughts.  


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