1,000 "Felucca"Luck Bonus, is it normal that it does not show up on the Status Bar (Classic Client)?

poppspopps Posts: 1,683
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I noticed, that the Luck shown by the Status Bar (Classic Client) stays the same figure regardless whether I go to Felucca or not.

The 1,000 "Felucca Luck Bonus" is not supposed to show up on the Status Bar ?

The 1,000 Luck bonus from the Statue, instead, does show up on the Status bar so, I wonder, why the Felucca Bonus, instead, does not appear on the status bar ?


  • NikardNikard Posts: 148
    That is because the "1,000 luck bonus" is to all item property budgets in felucca, not specific to your character to show up in your personal "buffs."
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