UO Journal : Is it possible to set it up for daily or weekly saves ?

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In 2D Client, under OPTIONS --> MISCELLANEOUS, there is only 2 options : 

1) Save Text Log File
2) Save log file in Unicode Format

I am not sure whether both are for the UO Journal or only the first one is, regardless, though, I was wondering whether there is a way to set things up so that the UO Journal (with whatever text appears on it be it from Guild, Alliance, Chats, normal play etc.) will "self-refresh" its saves every 24 hours or 7 days or whatever time the player would prefer.


This, would prevent a file that was too Large to keep getting saved.

Yes, one could always delete the file every day or week or whatever time one may wish and a new one gets created but this would need to rely on having to remember about it which sometimes one might forget....

So, does anyone know of a way to conveniently set up the handling of the UO Journal so that it would automatically self-delete at whatever time the player set it up to ?

Thanks ! 


  • Yes it could be done.

    However, for the playerbase other than you, I suspect most would rather have their developers working on bugs and content.

    Just a notion I have
  • KitiaraKitiara Posts: 59
    Some people are rather presumptuous. I'd greatly appreciate a segmenting option for journal auto-saves. I use the journal regularly and have lost data when the file is too large to save. 
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    I realize the OP is asking about classic client, but I was not able to find the file for CC. I am certainly not an expert, and I went looking before I had finished my morning tea. Perhaps some one else will have more success.

    However, for EC, the file itself is pretty basic. You can manually remove it to a different directory, and rename it to indicate the time frame covered. When the game does not find the file the next time it goes to save, it will simply create a new one. Repeat as desired. I have been doing this for a long time.
  • Seems like an urgent matter...

    I'm with Uriah on this one.
  • DerajDeraj Posts: 82
    I will also add my support for better log support, as I use my logs quite a bit.

    Unfortunately there is no automatic file separation for logs. It seems like this could be resolved by, rather than having the client create a file with a name like "Deraj.txt", it would use a name with a date like "Deraj20200103".
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