How does one find a lost trash barrel?

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I try to place a trash barrel, the message says I already have one. Probably true, I put one up when I first started redistributing my stuff from the moving crate, and moved it several times. My castle is full of stuff, so 'ctrl shift' is no help. I can't remember where I put it, I've tried walking round the walls trying to find a corner where movement is blocked, without success.

Any suggestions?

Found it!  Looked for ages, and found it as soon as I gave up and decided to ask for help.


  • AQHFAQHF Posts: 47
    For future reference, EC has an object handle filter that makes it easy to find things in just these sort of situations. If you don't have EC, just ask a friend who does to pop over and look for you. I've found this handy on many occasions.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,376
    I do use EC, and am aware of the object handle filter, however I could find no way to set it that helped with the problem. 
    How would you have set it in this instance?
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    I use the Switch Object Handle tool. Setting the filter to "trash" or "barrel" or "trash barrel" all works for me on my computer. 
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    Thank you.  I was not familiar with that tool. Though aware a way to switch on the fly was possible, I didn't know about the filter on it. I am always happy to learn something new about the game. :)
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