House Customization Mode Needs a Fix

For as long as this tile has been out, there has been this issue. Instead of the east/west running piece of low wall, a second north/south facing is in. It is impossible to fully utilize. I love this stone and I can't do a low wall with it. Please put in the piece that actually belongs there.


  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    That piece is available correctly in CC, so this is an EC bug. It needs to be fixed, but in the meanwhile you can get around it by using CC customize mode for that part of your home. While I prefer EC overall for most things, I would honestly suggest using CC for house building in general... EC has a ton of construction issues, dating way, WAY back before our current Dev team.

  • PincoPinco Posts: 20
    I tried to fix this, but apparently the tile ID is hardcoded and cannot be altered... anyway if any of the devs are interested in fixing this, the problem is a simple typo in the tile ID... they used twice: 39889 when they should have used 39889 and 39890. That's it,
  • Yup. i know it was something simple they are being lazy to fix, claiming a billion other fixes come first when this would literally take 2 seconds to cut and paste into the appropriate place in coding. being told to switch clients to play the game is only helpful so long as there is a classic client. Isn't the whole point to get people to play the EC more?
  • PincoPinco Posts: 20
    It took a while to find those IDs, and maybe they were to busy to do it, but now they have no more excuses :lol:
  • PincoPinco Posts: 20
    I've even found where the change has to be made, and the sad part is that the change has to be made in an excel file..... can it be easier? :tired_face:
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