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One of my guys just did a trade deal.  Desiring the better reward, she didn't use a moongate. We took a boat from Trinsic to New Magincia.  As reward for turning in the deal, she received a readable book entitled, Of Human Pride by Adamu Edom.  Does this book have any use besides being read? Is it valuable as some sort of rare?  She's been getting rewards such as 92 dragon scales, 0.3 to 0.5 scrolls of transcendence, etc.  This is the first item which seems to have no use for besides locking it down on a bookshelf.

I'm not saying everything has been useful.  I doubt my characters will ever have use for a 0.3 Camping scroll.  It just surprises me that the book appears to have no purpose in expanding the skills or craftwork of any character.
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    Deco..there's at least 8 books I believe, you "should" receive a different one each time until you have a full set, I think.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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    @Garth_Grey, thank you.  I guess these will go on the same bookshelf I plan to store the Khaldun books in.
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    Haven't been able to find a list of these anywhere, so I will post it here.
    (doing inventory of my houses & came across these books)

    A Light In The Dark
    A Monk And His Wine
    A Tale of Two Jheloms
    Moonglow Abides
    Of Human Pride
    The Blue Boar Rages
    The Dwarves Of Sosaria
    The Sailing Wench Of Vesper
    The Walls Of Trinsic
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    There's one for each of the 9 Trade Order/Governor cities

    Britain: The Blue Boar Rages
    Jhelom: A Tale of Two Jheloms
    Minoc: The Dwarves Of Sosaria
    Moonglow: Moonglow Abides
    New Magincia: Of Human Pride
    Skara Brae: A Light In The Dark
    Trinsic: The Walls Of Trinsic
    Vesper: The Sailing Wench Of Vesper
    Yew: A Monk And His Wine

    My experience is that each character can get each book ONCE (no duplicates), then never again, so once you have all 9 books from that character's trade runs, they'll not have to worry about getting one again - unless something resets the number. I have 2 characters with full sets that never got a duplicate.
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