Collision Detection and the EC

In the past I've had problems with the Enhanced Client so I've never made the switch from the CC. I decided to give it a go again but I still have the same problems I always had.

For 1 thing, when I use the EC and run my mouse over a backpack, the item under my cursor doesn't light up if I've just had my cursor over an item near it. The focus stays on the nearby item.. This can get really annoying when I'm trying to move items in a pack. Of course this wouldn't be a problem if I weren't using legacy containers, but I really don't like the compartmentalized look.

I also get a problem when I have 1 backpack partially covering another backpack. If I try to catch the edge of the partially covered pack, I catch the front pack instead of the back one.

Is this behavior normal? Does everyone run into this?


  • PincoPinco Posts: 20
    The items highlight was fixed some time ago on my UI, but for the edges of the backpack that is normal... The windows are rectangles and even if you have the image with a shape of a backpack, the container is still a rectangle, so you need to move it a bit further away. Or you can do what many people does and use grid view (NOT grid legacy) and you'll have a resizable rectangle :smiley:
  • DanDan Posts: 59
    Thanks for the reply Pinco
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