What are your top 10 favorite artifacts?

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What are your favorite top 10 favorite artifacts?  "Favorite" is pretty subjective.  Some of you may go for functionality, some of you may go for form, some may go for both.  That's ok!  Just make a note why you choose them.  If you want to get even more detailed and make a list by character template - go for that too!  Only looking for the pre-generated artifacts, nothing randomly generated!  Can be armor, weapons, or jewelry, or clothing for that matter!

Also - don't need to know that most artifacts "suck" and are "useless"  This is something we are certainly aware of and not what I'm looking for in this thread. 


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    I have many favorites, but to just name a few...The cloak, sandels, and books from the roof.   tangle, crimmy, Dr Spec Lens. 
  • I build a  lot of suits so let's see ...

    Clockwork legs - handy overcapped mod imbueable and enhances.
    Cuffs of archmage - way too good to not use
    Beastial set - fun gimmick and can be modified
    Mace and shield glasses - same deal as cuffs way too good comparatively to not use.
    Leurocians mempo - makes crafting luck leather suits easier with its higher resists.
    Halo - not that I per say like it, it's just overpowered so always ends up in suits.
    Despicable quiver - just good
    Mask of Khal - looks amazing 
    Epiphany set - dragon armor is awesome, has an ability basically no one understands.  Sadly can't be enhanced and terrible resists.
    Glenda - mace is king

    I love items with odd quirks,  cryptic mechanics, niche things and i can modify.  Sadly I either have to just use new boosted stuff or suffer for my life choices.  Also damn you for taking necro away from the cuffs.
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    In general as a mage I like artifacts with Mage name or theme.
    Although outdated property wise, and "not good enough" for todays armor I will list a few favorites:

    Hat of magi  -It makes the mage stand out and be unique being a mage.
    Staff of Magi
    Illustrious wand of thundering glory, same reason great for mage but not good special moves and propeties to be in use.

    Protector of the battle mage - was great at its time of introduction.

    Shield of Invulnerability - right on theme with Chaos/Order which was a part of UO for many years.

    Hooded shroud of Shadows - for someone playing necromancer this shroud fits right in that theme.

    Minax sandals - fits with the theme of Faction system which was a part of UO for many years,  ShadowLords/True Britanians/Council of mages/ Minax. Good propeties also for multi-char use.

    All items should have somewhat uniqueness and not too common.
    What Id like to see more of is artifacts for specific character types, mages/sampires/warriors/archers/thunters/necromancer/tamer Not only the art but also the name being specific.

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    Staff of the Magi
    Staff of Pyros
    Ring of the Vile
    Aegis  (should have FC1)
    Sign of Order
    Burglar's Bandana
    Shadow Dancer Leggings
    Captain Quacklebush's Cutlass
    Ironwood Composite Bow
    Blade of Insanity
    Pendant of the Magi
    Small Soul Forge
    Ring of the Soulbinder
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Kasa of the Raj-in
    Tome of Lost Knowledge

    I know it's not an artifact but who didn't want Vine Cord Sandles?

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    @Kyronix my list would depend on reasoning. Are you looking to revamp usefulness. Cause there’s some awesome older artifacts that could use it I’d pick above some of the newer UO to date ones. For instance, the Arctic Death Dealer was such a sick looking Artifact when it came out, so it would make my list for revamp, but not functionality. I don’t know if this makes sense.
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    Scholar's Halo
    Cuffs of the Archmage
    Minax sandals
    Crimson cincture
    Ornament of the magician
    Conjurer;s Garb (with/without luck)
    Despicable Quiver/ Unforgiven Veil
    Anon Boots / Shanty Water's (good to have choices in building)
    Bleue Luck jewel set

    I am all about functionality, if I cant use the items then they are worthless in my opinion.  I don't do deco or collection of things.   These are best of todays Items that are usable in Suits, everything else is built on random legendary gear.  I only use the Orny on shards I don't have resources for suits, its a good cheap piece for mageplay.
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    @Cazador it's entirely up to you as to what makes your favorite list and why.  Has nothing to do with the context of revamps or anything.  I'm just looking to find out what your favorite artifacts to use on your current templates are, and why.
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    blackthorns epaulettes, norse helm, and doublet - i HATE sacrificing fashion for functionality, but i find myself having to do it all too often with modern gear. Things like robes, cloaks, certain helm / hat styles, just dont cut it for me. would love to have the option to convert things like hawkwinds robe to epaulettes, or sacred hide to a quiver, or shift between different hat/helm styles.

    Tangle is great, as are the various pieces of footwear. crimson cincture and ozy's obi are great.

    despicable quiver is nice, even as a non-archer

    spectors lenses and cuffs of the archmage are great, though again i'd prefer the option to convert the cuffs to leather sleeves for style purposes.

    for readily available stuff, protector of the battle mage and kelp leggings are nice *and* inexpensive.
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    I'll put up the most played characters with the most settled kits. I am still finding a happy place for my Ninja. Do keep in mind, T-Hunting may affect a couple of these...

    Kirthag - Paladin 
    (most fixed kit of all my characters, almost never changes)
    • Virtue armor set + cloak (the whole thing, always - is a paladin RP thing)
    • Soul Seeker (standard sword I use) will use various other Fencing or Sword artifacts while hunting, but always have the SS on me, and I have several more in storage - never know when will need it
    • Brightblade (second fave sword - need to repair mine and get more in storage, thanks for reminding me!) 
    • Shroud of the Condemned or Cloak of Death (still debating)
    • Nocturn Earrings (for the night sight - personal bless deed - I know is not on the list of Artis)
    • Hephaestus or Shield of Invulnerability (if crafted shield dies - which is frequently)
    • Primer on Arms Talisman

    Everything above is blessed, either as normal or with Personal Bless Deeds.

    I want that first aid belt, not sure if that is an actual artifact, but it is highly desirable.
    I am also on the hunt for the Crimson Cincture - I refuse to buy one. I won't wear anything on my main toon unless it is won.

    My jewelry is typically crafted - but I swap them out so much for various things (luck mostly). I haven't settled on anything of preference from the artifacts I've gathered.

    (Unnamed) - Pure Mage (template pretty much set)
    • Sorcerer's Set 
    • Tome of Enlightenment
    • Bleue Set (ring & bracelet)
    • Conjurer's Garb
    • Earrings of Protection (poison) yeah, not an artifact, but there are no earrings unless you're a gargoyle
    • Totem of the Void or Mana Phasing - I'll flip between the two depending on how much of a challenge I want in a fight

    The Black - Tamer (still tweaking this template - might make her my new T-Hunter, so arties may change)
    • Armor is crafted for various benefits (namely LRC & LMC)
    • Totem of the Void or Birds of Brit. Talisman (depending what am going after to tame)
    • Scrapper's Compendium
    • Nocturn Earrings
    • Alchemist's Bauble
    • Compassion's Eye
    • Pendant of the Magi
    • Robe of the Eclipse or Shroud of the Condemned

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    I don't own or use many artifacts and I've given up trying to play warrior characters as the gear is just too expensive.  So I'm mostly just playing crafters, treasure hunter bards, mage or peace tamers, and fisher/resource gatherers.  I used to enjoy playing thief/detector/trap remover characters in factions, but all the ones I made have been gathering dust since VvV was added.

    Below are the artifacts I value (or would value if I had one) and why:

    Artifact Trade-Ins:

    • Swords of Prosperity - Nice for my tamer because they have 200 luck, spell channeling, -0 mage weapon, and +1 faster casting
    • Tome of Lost Knowledge - +15 Magery, 8 Intelligence, 15% SDI, 15% LMC - Very nice spellbook for a mage.

    Artifact Drops:

    • Shadow Dancer Leggings - +20 stealth, +20 stealing, and okay resists (17/4/3/18/18).  These were nice for my faction thief/trap remover.
    • Burglar's Bandana - +10 Stealth / +10 Stealing / +10 Snooping, dex 5, and mediocre (i.e., not the absolute worst) resists 10/5/7/10/10.  These were nice for my faction thief/trap remover.
    • 10th Anniversary Sculpture - Who doesn't want a luck boost?  My problem is remembering to use it and that the luck boost lasts 24 hours.  Would prefer it to be usable once per day and the use resets at server up.
    • Alchemist's Bauble - +10 Magery, 30% Enhance Potions, 20% LRC, 10% Poison Resist.  Not so unusual when imbuing came out, but I used to be pretty tickled if I got this as a drop in Ilshenar to use on a newbie mage character.
    • Pads of the Cu Sidhe - Most of my tamers are human, so I like to have these, even though I don't really use cu sidhes to hunt with very often.  This is the artifact I'd least want to lose because it is so essentially unique.   I don't like using elves for characters that have to carry loot because they have such low strength and this solves that problem very well.
    • Robe of the Eclipse / Robe of the Equinox - Nice for the luck.  Wish they weren't such a drab design.
    • Minax's Sandals - 150 Luck, 5% LMC, 10% LRC, -3 Random Resist.  Nice properties for probably any character.
    • Anon's Spellbook - Random slayer, 8 Intelligence, 15% SDI, 10% LMC, 10% LRC - Nice for a mage.
    • Hawkwind's Robe - 2 MR, 5% SDI, 10% LMC, 10% LRC - Nice for a mage.
    • Protector of the Battle Mage - 3% Casting Focus, 2 MR, 5% SDI, 8% LMC, 10% LRC, 10/16/10/8/8 resists.  Nice properties for a mage, has LRC and okay resists.
    • Venom - 2 FC, 1 FCR, 10% SDI, 20% poison resist. Nice combo for a mage with no penalties or wasted properties.
    • Lavaliere - 20% kinetic eater, 10% DCI, 10% LMC, 20% LRC, 15% physical resist.  Nice piece for a mage.
    • Tangle - 10% Intelligence, 2 MR, 5% DCI - Nice for a mage without taking up an armor slot. 
    Craftable Artifacts:
    • Scrapper's Compendium - FC 1, FCR 1, 25% SDI, 10% LMC - Very helpful for a mage. Hoping it is easier to get the ingredients to craft these now if you don't get many opportunities to do peerless hunts.
    • Pendant of the Magi - 10 Intelligence, 3 Mana Regen, 5% SDI, 10% LMC, 30% LRC - Very helpful for a mage if you can afford to give up the resists.
    Treasure Chest Loot:
    • Mana Phasing Orb - Sometimes useful for mages.
    • Creeping Vine - Nice for deco.
    • Candelabra of Souls - Nice for deco

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    Cuffs of the Archmage
    Minax sandals
    Crimson cincture
    Despicable Quiver/Cloak of Light
    Anon Boots or Shanty Water's
    Clockwork leggings (being an imbuable item with 25dci option)
    Mace and Shield Glasses

    imo the important function of an artifact that genuinely gets used today, is that it provides something either you cannot get on your suit in other simple ways (ie HLD glasses, 5ssi on cameo, 20sdi on cuffs) or it gives you an overcapped item to build in for purpose (ie 20sdi on cuffs, 1fc on halo, 25 dci on clockworks), or gives you skill bonus in a slot that otherwise doesn't have any. 

    Most players will generally gravitate to a best in slot mentality, but options for those slots make sense. For instance, there are a ton of highly usable artifact items for item slot:


    quite a few for:

    And very few for:
    hand (feudal grips)

    and none in places like the kilt/skirt slot

    I can tell ya though, you'd make alot of people happy with a hawkwidns robe that doesn't look like a hawkwinds robe lol.

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    I do see alot of "favorite artifacts" listed above, that i guess might be a players favorite for some reason or another, but doesn't truly have any function.  I dunno why u'd list an alchemist bauble jewel for any reason.  There is so very few uses of such an item.

    One of the greatest times was when the "old, outdated" artifacts had the ability to be imbued.  It let players take those what i'd call "junk" artifacts, and made them functional again in a customizable capacity.  Players love options.
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    As for equipment I'd to go with:

    1) Enchantress Cameo
    2) Cuffs of the Archmage
    3) Scholar's Halo
    4) Bracers of Alchemical Devastation
    5) Crimson Cincture
    6) Minax's Sandals
    7) Slither
    8) Mace & Shield or Prismatic Lenses
    9) Despicable Quiver
    10) Armor of Fortune

    Edit: I like these items because they're easy to fit into a usable well-rounded suit.
    Cetric said:
    I do see alot of "favorite artifacts" listed above, that i guess might be a players favorite for some reason or another, but doesn't truly have any function.  I dunno why u'd list an alchemist bauble jewel for any reason.  There is so very few uses of such an item.

    One of the greatest times was when the "old, outdated" artifacts had the ability to be imbued.  It let players take those what i'd call "junk" artifacts, and made them functional again in a customizable capacity.  Players love options.
       I agree, things like the Djinni's ring (Replica) was actually useful when it was imbue-able, there were others with use after being imbued as well, however many of them won't really be that great anymore since Global loot items and some of the other artifacts that had been updated since then.
    Remove or change casting focus & poison immunity it reduces the need for "Player Skill" it's garbage. rant2 Bring timing back and eliminate chance in pvp!
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  • My list considers PvM only (and what I like about the item).

    Sampire items:
    Mace and Shield Glasses or Prismastic Lenses (for the HLD plus stats/damage increase)
    Cameo (slayer, SSI, DI, etc) - If I can ever get more than one, I'll exclusively use these
    Despicable Quiver or Ranger's Cloak (HCI, resist, dex or SSI)
    Gloves of Feudal Grip (DI, stats, regens)
    Animated Legs of Insane Tinker (SSI, DI, dex)
    Britches of Warding (Stam inc, HCI, LMC)
    Conjurer's Garb (DCI, MR)
    Crimson Cincture or Ozymandias' Obi (HPI, dex or stam inc, str)
    Corgul's Sash (DCI, Stam inc) - Honestly, it's mostly because it's the only dexer sash item

    Mage items:
    Scholar's Halo (SDI, FC 1, LMC, resists) - If I can ever get one. The drop rate on new artifacts is too low, but that's another discussion
    Dr. Spector's Lenses (SDI and stats)
    Pendant of the Magi (overcapped LRC, LMC, SDI)
    Protector of the Battle Mage (SDI, stats)
    Cuffs of the Archmage (SDI, MR 4)
    Compassion's Eye (SDI, LRC, Luck)
    Jumu's Sacred Hide (SDI, FCR, resist) - I believe this is the only mage-ish item for the back still obtainable. The DI on it is used for dexers, but the mix is kinda gross.
    Tangle - Really the only mage focused apron item
    Mana Phasing Orb - Again, the only mage focused talisman item with multiple mods. The Clean-up Brit items are ok if you rely on the skill bonus
    Hephaestus (spell channeling, FC 1 (2), LMC, resist)
    Vesper Museum Chaos Shield (spell channeling, FC 1 (2), FCR 2)
    Hawkwind's Robe (overcapped LMC, MR)

    For me, I look for items that have a clear purpose. It needs to be clearly for a mage, warrior, tamer, bard, etc. I think a better way of looking at it is; is this item meant for a spell caster or someone swinging a weapon. When items have a mix of both kinds of stats, it can become really hard to use it. Most of the time, those items are discarded or sit in a chest "just in case" and never get used. The random loot from spawn gives so many of these items, that having a solid artifact to build around really helps.

    Some item slots only have one or a few items that can be used there, so they're used by default. I love SDI, so anything with SDI is used by default by my mage.
  • The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 420
    I forgot a couple items earlier.   

    Lt Sash
    Royal guard investigator Cloak
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    Protector of the Battle Mage
    compassion's eye
    cloak of death
    Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings
    Bracers of alchemical devastation
    Jumu's Sacred Hide

    Dardens armor (when I don't have the above armor for my chars who need LRC)

    when I joined my guild, they helped me out with putting together a suit..,
    they told me what I needed and I went out and got the stuff needed...
    and the above items are what I used in that suit (except the hide), until one of the pieces got destroyed at an EM event... and then I switched out pieces and use Dardens armor now (helps that I have a high SDI spellbook too)

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    My magic users wear:
    Hawkwinds robe
    Dr Spectors Lens because I do not need the FC from Halo since I use protection,
    Cuffs of the Archmage
    Kelp woven legs
    Those are for SDI
    Wear Tangle for the Intel bonus.

    We are missing good magic user items for: Gloves, Chest and Gorget  An new shield would be nice. I prefer MR over FC.  
    Also some footwear for a mage would be nice.

    My Dexxers use:
    Hunters headress for an archer.  For 20 archery and it looks totally hideous dyed in the 2 tone BOD dyes. 
    Prismatic lens over Mace and shield for the HLD and DI.  They look cool.
    All wear Ozymandias Obi, Britches of warding, and gloves of feudal grip.

    Dexxers are missing good Gorget, Sleeves, Chest.

    Jumus hide can be used for a stat or 2 on many templates.
    The orbs are good for many templates, also cameos for specific slayers.
    The + dex boots are good.

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 1,033

    Shadow Dancer's Leggings: +40 to Skills. Seriously. Also leather, so appropriate for Stealth. Plus it looks good on my female thief. What? Don't look at me like that.

    Headhunter's Headdress: Because it looks freaking awesome in the EC. You're wearing a deer....on your head. Also +20 to Archery.

    Midnight Bracers: +20 to Necro and they are Bone Armor. Nice thematic item.

    Blackthorns Woodland Belt: Looks fantastic. Have it in Tangle variant. Would get a Crimson variant for my fighter if he was an Elf.

    Virtue Armor Set: Excellent for training with the Self Repair. Plus it looks damn fine. I love how it "completes" the set and gives you a different graphic.

  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,232
    Enchanted coral brace - very underrated
    Hunters headress
    Spirit of totem
    Luck jewels from cleanup - needs updating
    Hat of magi
    Ornament of magician
    Luck mempo
    Prismatic lenses

    Slim's veil even though I've only seen 2. 
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    Most of my toons are magic based - I have only one real melee fighter. (My first toon ever - a Swords Paladin which shall remain a paladin for nostalgic purposes.) Therefore, my list is pretty much mage based items.

    #1 Compassion's Eye - For the 20% SDI and 250 luck.

    #2 Hawkwind's Robe - For the 5% SDI. The other stats are nice but my mage suit that I built from roof drops has all that maxed out already.

    #3 Jumu Sacred Hide - again for the 5% SDI

    #4 Minax Sandals - For the 150 luck

    #5 Crimson Cincture - For the 10hpi and 2 hp regen (I actually have this on my main mage since the stats on the tangle are already maxed from suit and jewels.)

    #6 Tangle - I do wear this on my bard and treasure hunter for the 2 mana regen.

    #7 Armor of Fortune - For the 200 luck and 40% LRC on my treasure hunter.

    #8 Corgul's Sash - All but one of my toons wears this simply because I had so many and that slot was empty. The one toon that dosen't wear this is my weregargblin - it wears the bloody sash. (Just an aside - spell check wants me to change weregargblin to irregardless. :D)

    #9 Enchantress' Cameos - For my poor neglected melee toon. What's not to like about them? One day I'll get the other four I'm missing.

    #10 - Invasion Spellbooks - Not sure if they are considered artifacts but they are probably my favorite items ever! ( I have all but two of the slayers and of course one of them being the Orc slayer.)
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    For my main, which is a caster type:

    Cuffs of the Arch Mage

    Simply brilliant/cohesive all around

    Jumu Sacred Hide

    The sdi and fcr is great. Even the fire resist, poison eater. Damage increase helps when you carry a mage wep to kill that minor spawn that bothers you in one hit instead of two. 

    Lieut Sash replica

    Looks great and has great caster mods.


    Has great caster mods.

    Kelp Woven Legs

    Looks great and has great caster mods.

    Protector of the Battle Mage

    Looks great and has great caster mods.

    Invasion/Khaldun spellbooks

    I don't have near a set, not even close, but the ones I have love em!

    Epaullettes instead of robes of any kind, lest I forget! Which I did, thus edited.
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    Top 10 Artifacts Used:

    1.Hawkwinds- it’s an easy way to pick up a few extra lrc/lmc on tight big stat increase suits(please change graphic lol)
    (Where needed mage mostly)

    2.Spell Focusing Sash- it’s great for building up and dumping burst damage.
    (Most Mage builds)

    3.Royal Investigator Cloak- the +20 stealth obviously 

    4.Cuffs of the Archmage- +15 Magic Resist and +20 SDI like the fact it can be refined for resists and caps out sdi in PvP(also good for SDI PvM character)

    5.Shanty Waders/Anon Boots- good for fitting in the last bit of hci or dci.

    6.Capt John Hat- 20 skill and HCI make for useful suit building, a basic swordsman or a hybrid bokuto mage

    7.Mark of the Travesty- the 20 skill helps build more versatile mages.

    8.Cameos- for obvious reasons the slayer makes capping the damage modifiers much easier(used for sampires, and some pvp builds)

    9. Jumus Sacred Hide -  the damage inc and for is useful for hybrid mages as well as warriors.

    10 Slither-  used on many mage/dexxer temps in pvp for the hpi and dci.

    Artifacts I wish I could use...
    Legacy of the Dread Lord (such an awesome looking and sounding weapon)
    Helm of Insight miss this ugly blue helmet on every dexxer
    Arctic Death dealer.. I mean a glacial smackdown, who wouldn’t enjoy that?

    honorable mentions
    Scholars Halo
    Daiymos Helm
    Despicable Quiver
    Helm of Swiftness

  • TyrtleTyrtle Posts: 16
    All the above items and 1 Piece that I like is the Bronzed Armor of the Valkyrie
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    My fantasy preferences are quite the opposite of my real world self. In my MMOs, form always trumps function. No matter how useful something is, if it looks hideous to me (mempos for example) then I will simply live without it. Rarity for the sake of rarity has little allure for me - but I will invest a lot of game time and effort into something pretty. Especially if it is pretty AND useful like the single tile soul forge. Most of what I enjoy in UO is either pure deco (with focus on things of a nature theme such as plants, rocks, water, etc.), or an embellishment of my character or pets. I love pretty clothing, things to enhance crafting, engravers, shiny pets and pet branding, the costumes, etc. My UO goals are all about building my character's skills, wardrobe, and home, and training up unusual pets to use in unusual and amusing ways. However, I suppose this thread is about artifact equipment. With that in mind, these are my most liked or most used artifacts:

    Armor of Fortune. I find this bulky human armor to be rather unattractive, but it hides well enough under a dress. I wish it could be converted to a female version. Combined with a Lucky Necklace and a blessed event spellbook, I can use my one Siege Bless on this artifact and have 400 luck, 50% LRC, and some other useful mods. This is enough for me to run my template without any lootable gear on Siege for average day to day activities. This renders my game play all about fun and reward, with very little in the way of risk.

    Smuggler's Edge: I dunno why, but I just enjoy rifling through monster's pockets for pretty lanterns while I am stabbing them. I wish lanterns could be Siege Blessed.

    Pendant of the Magi: The treasure hunting revamp is going to make this item easy enough to craft for me to consider it disposable for the occasions when I do wear gear.

  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,332

    Nice thread!

    Give me the weekend, to make a proper response. :)

  • ezikelezikel Posts: 90
    1-slither for the hp and dci
    2-crimson ceinture For the 10hpi and 2 hp regen 
    3-Hawkwinds for the easy fit for complete a suit
    4-Royal Investigator Cloak- the +20 stealth
    5-Cuffs of the Archmage- +15 Magic Resist and +20 SDI 
    6-Cameos everything good on for a dexxer
    7-Shanty Waders/Anon Boots- good for fitting in the last bit of hci or dci.
    8-Capt John Hat- 20 skill and HCI
    9-mask of khal ankur for the ep and 10hp
    10-balakai spell chan 0 mage weapons and one handed
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    I’ve never even heard of quite a number of the artifacts being mentioned here. I’ll take one of each please. 

    Most of the artifacts I use on my characters were either purchased from player vendors or gifted to me. Way back when, and not for the lack of trying, I don’t think I’ve ever had a major artifact fall into my pack. Looking at the UO Guide I see some items I’ve found that fall under the Traditional Minor category.

    So I guess favorites, in what I’m actually familiar with and using, would be:

    Burglar’s Bandana

    Cloak of Silence

    Royal Guard Investigator Cloak

    Shadow Dancer Leggings

    Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings

    Runed Driftwood Bow

    Hunter’s Headress

    Dread Pirate Hat

    Various Spellbooks (Conjurer’s Grimoire, Scrapper’s, etc.


    Crimson Cincture

    Lucky Charm

    Mana Phasing Orb

    Mempo of Fortune (Although I hate the ugly face it gives you)

    Enchantress Cameo

    Various Quivers

     I’m sure there are LOTS of artifacts out there that if I had them they’d become my favorites! But in general I guess, beyond looking to have 70 resists on suits, I’m looking for mana regen, rogue skill enhancements, and luck. Other than the Runed Driftwood Bows that my fisher / pirate hunter still uses, I don’t think I’ve ever used an artifact weapon. Imbued player made is better than anything I’ve ever found for loot.

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    I'm going to add these because there's some funny things you can do with them.

    Cloak of corruption 
    Evil orc helm
    Bracelet of binding
    Twilight lantern
    Juka bow
    Slayer Longbow
    Gauntlets of virtue bane
    Spell focusing sash

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    I've posted my gear, but there is one artifact that I simply adore - must have every single one I encounter - and I was reminded of it while reorganizing one of my castles last night.

    The Ankh Pendant.

    Yes, it seems useless, takes up a slot with no immediate bonuses, unless you know about the Virtues, the history of the Virtues, and the hidden bonus this innocuous item grants. 

    A serious role-playing piece, that does give a short-term regen bonus if you know what to do, the Ankh Pendant was used by various guilds I was associated with in the past... the color of the pendant you wore stipulated your alignment, and guild-rank, and which virtue you were dedicated to. 

    We loved it, and the memories of my my most active RP moments are associated with this 'useless' item. At one point, hoping people would return, I had amassed a collection of 4 chests full of just this one item in all of its varying colors (there is more than just gold or silver). Its been a long time since I did serious RP, where more than a handful of people would agree to a certain set of rules for engaging one another. I lost all those ankhs somewhere, but still have a small collection which, by the by, does NOT go in the jewelry storage container...  Can this please be fixed?

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    Shadow Dancer Legs- great for a thief. A TRUE thief can make great use out of skill point iems as the only other big requirements are dci hpr hpi and possibly hci 

    Mark of Travesty with thief skills

    Slither 10 hp and 10 dci  on a tally is a great combo

    Crimson Cincture goes great with a slither leaving only 5 more hpi for another slot.

    Mace and shield glasses. Gives weapons more flexibility 

    Slims Shadow Veil- I saved my gold for 6 months a couple years ago and found one for sale on a safe. An imbueable neck piece with 1 FC is just awesome. It allows my 3k murder count to stay red while having having great weapon flexibility. I would hope this item stays extremely rare. It's the most expensive I have and my prize uo item. I'm not a rare guy but this is my crown jewel . I haven't really even pvped much the last few years but I still like building uber pvp suits for my toons. 

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