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So, right up front let me say that I have never, until a day ago on Test Center, used the 0 mining-get cords from Davies playstyle. I've always just had 100 mining. As such I have never even thought about the digging radius.

Trying to test the impacts of 0 cartography on chest quality, I started to read about the digging radius of mining to compare that to cartography.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at, if I'm reading the wiki's wrong, or if I just don't understand how the digging radius works, so I'm going to post a pic. You experts in digging radius can tell me if the digging radius for cartography has been increased over that of mining, or not. This is probably just me not understanding how to count the digging radius, in which case I apologize for the thread.

Ok, the wiki's say one tile radius, or you have to be on the exact tile. So, do you have to stand on the exact tile, or you have to dig on the exact tile? The above pic was taken with 0 cartography. I'm standing on a tile, I dig on the tile in front of me (which to me would be a 1 tile radius), and the chest appears an addition tile away. So, to me, that's two steps to the dirt patch, or a 2 tile radius.

So, is this the way it always was with mining, or has the digging radius been increased?

Thanks in advance for any clarification. I'm suspecting the digging radius is the same and I'm just reading things wrong.

Oh, and I looked back through the patch notes, but didn't see anything about digging radius with cartography. Might have just missed it.



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    My experience has it based on from where you click to dig.

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    This is all correct. Think of the radius rather around the chest than you. When you stand directly on top of it and dig on a tile next to you, it says something like "cant dig it up cause u standing on it dumbo" (free interpretation). The map itself is considered just the center with 0 radius. 0 skill gives you 1 tile radius around the chest, which is actually 3x3 tiles to hit. You hit one of the outer tiles in the screenshot.
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    Alright, thank you both! It makes sense now. I knew there was something I was missing, I just couldn't visualize it.
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