human with 20 extra skill points -- what to spend them on?

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One of my chars is a 6x mage (120 goal in magery, eval int, meditate, resist, and wrestling, 100 goal in inscripton). Do the math and see 20 points left over.  If he were non-human, I'd likely put them in Focus for a small amount of stamina recovery and one level of many recovery. But he is human, and already has that. What should he allot the 20 points for?

At a guess, item attributes that add skill points ignore the "jack of all trades" base, and begin adding from 0 even on humans, right? (That's how skill points themselves work.  Until a human has over 20 in something, the skill level is still 20. 20 JOAT + 19 skill is still effectively 20 skill, not 39.) If my guess is correct, then assigning the extra 20 template points to Focus might still be a good idea.  If he wears an item with extra focus skill, they would then be effective.

What would you do?

(added) The mage currently has 95.0 Anatomy, 91.4 Eval, and 0.0 Wrestling. I was working this character before allowing my account to lapse in 2012, so I'm not positive what is up with that.  I half remember something about if have 100 in both Anatomy and Eval Int, a mage doesn't need Wrestling.  Is that true?  If so, would you just continue raising Anatomy (to 120) and forget about Wrestling altogether?
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    Since posting this, I have learned that:

    * 120 Eval + 100 Anatomy = defenses of Wrestling at 120

    The sum of both must be at least 220 before this capability comes into effect.

    Thus the mage/scribe would have 40 points to work with, not 20.  Putting them all into Focus should be an effective choice. The downside to giving up Wrestling is that he would lose it's two special moves, Disarm and Paralyzing Blow. The upside is increased stamina recovery and an extra step of mana regen.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    Very nice info. They really should stick that like button in here somewhere.
  • With JOAT it really doesn't matter. I'd probably put it in something dumb like forensic eval or tase id.
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    Maybe 0.1 in crafting skills for bods. That’s only 0.8 though...
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