If you were starting anew...

On a different shard or whatever, what skill set or stat set would you go for?

Basically I'm wondering what the best starting character might be in terms of less gold needed to be successful at the start.  A builder character, so to speak.


  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
    A mystic,  focus, imbue, miner, blacksmith, tailor, tinker.  For the simple purpose of getting gold flowing and being able to make and imbue suits and can farm a lot of stuff with the mystic once it hits 70 and you find or make a set of +30 jewels for him.  Then start adding soul stones as needed to swap skills around from toon to toon.

  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 355
    Pure melee fighter, non-sampire.  Just easy to get gold without upfront cost.  Doesn't take long to get to earth eles and then gold eles in blackthorns and selling drops and cleanup point items.

    Won't be very good for end game.

    Don't start off a scribe as your first character on a new shard like I did. LOL
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  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Posts: 112
    I usually start with a tamer on any new shards (if I don’t transfer).
    Its easy to throw together an LRC suit and work teaming up to a decent level to get a nice pet, even better nowadays with animal training 

  • ButcherButcher Posts: 28
    Fisher with Margery and mage weapon and spell channeling bow is what I would try. Not sure how much gold that would give you though.
  • MerusMerus Posts: 520
    Mystic Mage (gargoyle)
  • ThalonThalon Posts: 61
    edited March 2018
    I have never used a Nox-Mage. Might have to try one.

    Must remember to stick with the template I decided on. Too many game hours retraining half-finished characters, although with New Haven around not nearly as much time is needed.
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  • BomburBombur Posts: 14

    Although there are a lot of good options, I always start my character with a point in tailoring to get some newbie scissors!;)
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  • MerusMerus Posts: 520
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    Gargoyle Disco/Tamer.  

    Start 50 taming/50 disco... buy 40 lore, magery, eval and vet.  Tame 4 lowland bouras (high physical resist) and put a couple in the stables to bond.  Hunt rats in the cavern of the discarded while training music, disco, vet.  Collect LRC suit pieces and ingredients to sell.
  • North_LSNorth_LS Posts: 99
    i'd start with a chiv miner/LJ. fun to play for fighting/farming mobs and good for gathering resources to sell too. my temp is as follows:
    120 swords
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 healing
    100 chivalry
    100 mining
    100 lumberjack
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