Luna Deco Contest

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Greetings Oceania!

As discussed with the King in the November Council meeting, citizens can compete to win a temporary ability to deco the Luna stable area. I have marked the general areas in red below:

Couple of caveats:

1. The existing permanent deco will not be moved.This includes the benches, columns, and ankhs.
2. Items that block movement cannot be placed in the general path of travel / recall / gates.
3. Lord Blackthorn reserves the right to alter or (if necessary) cancel proposed designs.
4. All player designed deco will be temporary (roughly 2 - 4 weeks at a time).

How to win the right to deco:

Roughly once a month, based on discussion at the monthly Royal Council meeting, we will determine the next contest. This may range from a largest fish / huntmaster challenge to a treasure hunt competition (utilizing that monthly event). Sometimes these will be individual based, sometimes town based (in which case the deco decision will go to the sitting Governor of that town).

Once won, the winner will email me their proposed design (description / screenshot / hue numbers / etc) and I'll do my best to match the spirit of the design.

We'll give this a go and see how it works out. I do reserve the right to end the deco contest if it becomes combative / disruptive / overly onerous. I do not expect that to happen, but needed to include it as a final caveat.

The FIRST contest, which will immediately follow DECEMBER's ROYAL COUNCIL MEETING, will be:

FIND THE EM - I will 'hide' in the Realm, and provide progressively more revealing hints as to my whereabouts in General Chat. The first player to tag me wins. There *may* be various beasts guarding me (spoiler alert: there will be, and they will eat you!)

-- EM Tycho


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    Oho Find the EM hmm?

    I need to memorise locations more maybe, haha.
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