snow blindness

I actually meant to post this the day they patched the snow in...anyways, so here goes:

is it just me, or are other people's eyes hurting from the snow? It's really annoying. I don't like to squint like I'm looking directly into the sun.
Is there a way the devs could maybe use a different brightness for snow? I tried decreasing my screen's brightness but that makes areas without snow too dark...


  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    In the EC it isn't even very white it has more of a bluish tinge, I guess it's whiter in the CC, looks really pretty in the EC. I will have a look...

    I just logged in on the CC to have a look, it might be slightly whiter with a grey tinge, I wouldn't say it's glaringly white, but monitors vary hugely.
    I couldn't run about much as the horrible screen jerking was too annoying.  :/

  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,308
    yesterday I was running around in the EC (usually always play CC) and there were places that were glaringly brighter than other spots. Needless to say I switched clients in under 5 mins...

    Not all the lands are snow covered, but the areas that do, just seem brighter to me. I guess its because my eyes are light sensitive and snow has always been problematic for me. If it bothers me too much, I usually tend to wear my sunglasses. (I do this in the real world and with the game)

    However, I do actually love to see the snow in game. Makes me think of wonderful memories of me and my sisters playing in the snow when we were little. And snowball fights with our cousins and neighbors. And coming inside to a warm cup of hot cocoa... Do you want to build a snowman? hehe
  • I love building snowmen...

  • 100% agree with Max. Something is off with the snow. It's a nice touch, but very frustrating on the eyeballs. 
  • I just logged into EC to see what the issue is. My goodness. Immediately eye pain. It's very hard to focus on anythign I'm running past. It's literally a blur... especially red colors/text/items
  • I should have mentioned, my issues occur in EC. Haven't looked at it in CC but don't remember it was an issue last year when I played CC.
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